Netflix Star Melinda Melrose Reveals Her Skin Care Favorites

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Netflix recently released the second season of their breakout show, Too Hot Too Handle.  The premise of the reality program is to collect a group of attractive single people, put them in a beach villa, and forbid them from engaging in physical contact so they can focus on building emotional connections.  

The breakout star of this season is Miss Melinda Melrose, a tiny model who went viral for turning the streets of New York into her personal runway.  Melinda's confidence and charisma led her into becoming one of the most popular stars on the show. 

I'm excited to see how her career progresses from here, but what I'm more excited about is that Melinda generously gave us an *unsponsored* sneak peek of her simple skin routine.

Let's discuss.
Her brief skincare reveal began with Melinda showing off her bare (freshly cleansed) face.  Next, she held up a small blue jar from the Laneige brand.  Having a few Laneige products in my stash, I made the incorrect assumption that she was holding up their Water Sleeping Mask.  

It turns out that I was wrong.  After a couple minutes of research, I discover the existence of Laniege Water Bank Moisture Cream.  I actually have the Water Sleeping Mask in my collection.  While I do find it hydrating, the consistency isn't designed to bring long-lasting moisture to the skin.  It provides an instant boost of moisture but the effects aren't long-lasting. 
Water Bank Moisture cream seems to be more of a traditional moisturizer that leaves the skin hydrated long after application.  I'm a fan of Laniege products so I'm definitely adding this to my "add to cart " list.  Based on some of the reviews, this is an intensely hydrating product made specifically for dry skin. If your skin is dry, you'll probably love it.  I'm very interested because my skin looks its best when at peak hydration levels.  
Judging by her skincare favorites, hydration is Melinda's main focus.  She's also a fan of my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream (one of my all-time favorites).  Everyone should own a jar of this stuff.  Because she has two moisturizers on deck, I assume that she uses Kiehl's at night and  Laniege during the day.  Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is usually part of my daily rotation, but lately, I find myself wanting to use a more lightweight moisturizer that still hydrates exceptionally.  

Laniege Water Bank Moisture Cream might give me exactly what I need. 

Lastly, Melinda rounds out her routine with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  Melinda calls this product her "absolute favorite." Judging by some of the reviews, Kiehl's Recovery Concentrate has the power to reach holy grail levels in your skin routine.   

It's described as a serum in the product details, but judging by the ingredients, it's more of a facial oil...which would explain why Melinda completed her routine with it. I'm going to grab this because, after reading the reviews, I have a serious fear of missing out.  I'm already obsessed with Kiehl's brand so I have complete faith that their Midnight Recovery concentrate won't let me down.

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