{glowing up} 9 Benefits of Eating A Salad A Day


 Yesterday, I was casually browsing through random Instagram stories when I landed on the account of a Swimsuit Entrepreneur who just to happened to be answering questions from her followers.  She's a  busy mother raising two young children while simultaneously building an empire.  

A lot of the questions asked were geared towards her growing brand.  One question, in particular, had my full attention.  Even after having two children in a short time span, she still was able to a healthy weight.  Someone asked her what foods does she stay away from when it comes to nutrition.  

Her response was simple, there aren't really any foods that she stays away from.  But, instead, she lives by one rule which helps keep her on track and her one rule is this...

"Eat One Salad A Day (no matter what)."

She also accompanied her response with an image of her lunch which included a side of fries and a salad. 

When it comes to my eating habits, I'm either at one end of the spectrum or another.  Either I'm eating salads all day every day or everything I eat is deep-fried..there is no in-between...and that's a problem.

If you were to ask me today when the last time I had a salad, I don't think I could answer accurately.  That's probably because on my currently on a "healthy eating kick" so salads aren't something I'm thinking about right now. 

But what if I took on this mantra of eating a salad a day? What impact could that make in my life? Currently, I'm eating approximately zero salads a day.  This means that I'm giving up a lot when it comes to micronutrient intake.  Most of the foods I eat in a day are fully cooked which means lowered levels of enzymes, fewer antioxidants, and barely any naturally occurring micronutrients.  I'm eating to satisfy hunger, not to nourish my body. 

Salads, as we all know, also provide us with ample amounts of fiber which promotes a healthy gut.  A healthy gut isn't just about improving digestion but it also improves our skin health and brain function.  Ideally, I'd love to eat a diet of mostly raw, plant-based foods but Popeyes won't let me be great so I'll take the second-best option...treat myself to fast food from time to time while still incorporating salads in my daily routine.  

Eating a salad every day means I'll eat less of the other stuff.  Less french fries, less bread, less fried foods.  Ever heard stories from people who lost 10 lbs by simply eliminating soda from their diet?  Imagine the potential benefits to our waistline by eating a minimum of 7 additional salads a week.  

Even if your weight stays exactly the same,  eating one salad a day will benefit your body in too many ways to pass up. 

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