The Perfect Time to Say Your Positive Affirmations So They Actually Work.



One thing I've been trying to get better at doing is saying my daily affirmations.    Whether you believe that affirmations are life-changing or just something you do to maintain a positive mindset, it's worth giving them a try. At the very least, affirmations help us redirect our focus, from the current reality to what we want to create/experience.   

Turning affirmations from a mindless activity into a powerful exercise in reality creation is very possible.  Affirmations can work, we just have to make sure we're doing them properly.  Saying your affirmations repeatedly is just one technique. There are a few other tips and tricks regarding affirmations that no one talks about.  Here are a few other ways to make sure that your affirmations are as powerful as possible. 

Focus on the When

When it comes to positive affirmations, the conventional school of thought places a lot of attention on crafting the right words to say.  Yes, it's important that our affirmations are said in a positive way and it's crucial to use the present tense, but no one really talks about the optimal time to say them.

In my opinion, one of the most powerful things you can do is to reaffirm your desires immediately after achieving something you want.  

For example.  Let's say you launch a small business and make your very first sale.  This is the perfect time to reaffirm mantras about money flowing into your life or how you consistently attract abundance.  

If I decided to have a big salad today for lunch, that would be a perfect time to mentally remind myself that "I am creating a fit healthy body."  

Be on the lookout for joyful moments that occur throughout the day. Moments of bliss create the perfect opportunity to recite your affirmations.  Whenever anything good should turn that moment into an opportunity to re-affirm your intentions.  It's important to combine delightful moments with affirmations because unexpected moments of joy elevate our emotional vibration.  When our vibration is lifted, the words of affirmation will become more believable.  Our subconscious will more readily accept what we're saying because our emotions and words match

 Involving our subconscious in the manifestation process is a crucial component that we can't forget.  

Another effective way to engage your subconscious mind in the manifestation process is to state your affirmations right before you fall asleep at night.  As we drift off to sleep, the brain actually enters a different state.  During that time, our conscious thoughts subside as the subconscious takes over.  Stating our confirmations before bed is like opening the doorway between our conscious and subconscious.  Keep in mind that our subconscious beliefs rule our actions.  If we wish to manifest at a high level, we need to master ways to tap into our subconscious.

Lastly, another perfect time to say your affiramtions is......basically all the time.  Our subconscious mind is constantly running negative scripts in our minds--all day, every day.  Our default way of thinking is inherently negative.  Repeating positive sentences a couple of times a day simply isn't enough to combat our negative thoughts. But if you silently repeat your intentions throughout the entire day, it no longer remains an'll become a belief. 

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