[trending.] The Eye Concealer Technique Everyone on TikTok is Raving About.


 One activity that I loved doing on the weekends was trying out new makeup techniques.  Weekends are perfect to experiment with makeup.  A successful attempt at a new makeup look automatically redies you to enjoy any last-minute weekend plans.  I haven't been inspired to try out a new makeup look in a while.  But something magical happened while I was randomly scrolling through TikTok.

After watching the 10-second video demonstration, I knew this technique was too good to pass up.  The method is so simple that you can literally try it right now.  It's called the "eyeglasses concealer" trend.  All you have to do is apply concealer around your entire eyes in the shape of glasses (complete with nose bridge and the part that extends over the temples).

Once the concealer is fully blended in, you're left with a perfect blank canvas for shadow or whatever eye makeup look you prefer.

I immediately jumped on this bandwagon because I have really small, almond-shaped eyes with dark lids that tend to get oily. This ingenious method basically solved all of my problems.  By circling the undereye and the lid, I got rid of all the extra pigmentation that surrounded my eye.  Once the recess pigmentation was neutralized,  suddenly my tiny eyes became more of a focal point.  I quickly grabbed mascara and liquid eyeliner to finish the look.  For the first time in...like ever... I could clearly see my lashes using just a single coat of mascara. My winged liner looked better than usual too.

Here's a clear demonstration of the actual technique.  You must try it.  


What do you think of this hack? ##concealertrick ##eyeglassconcealer ##makeuphack ##beauty ##fyp ##trend

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Glasses concealer hack! 😭🤣 It actually worked though! What do you guys think of this hack? 💕 ##concealerhack ##concealer ##tiktokhacks ##beautyhacks

♬ original sound - tarte cosmetics



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