Long Sleeve + Backless



It's fall so that means I've been scouring my closet for long sleeve shirts.  Until it's officially sweater weather, long sleeve shirts have come my go-to.   My collection of long sleeve shirts is small but they serve their purpose.  They keep me warm enough to deal with chili temps while still appearing effortless.  

There's just one problem...none of my long sleeve tops have any semblance of style.  They're all plain and basic which works for grocery store runs but what if I want to wear a long sleeve top to meet with friends or grab dinner?

The answer is to go long sleeve + backless. 

There's something intriguing about a blouse that features an unpredictable element.  The open back is sort of a nod to the end of summer.  It's a bold style element that makes the blouse more feminine, elegant, and interesting. The long sleeves give the right amount of balance to the exposed back.  

I'm picking up a few of these blouses for those cool fall days where you can dress up without worrying about long sleeves causing you to sweat.  They're perfect day or night.  Pair them with slacks or dress down with jeans.     It's a must-have silhouette for fall. 

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