These 5 Soap Bars Will Transform Your Skin.

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 Sitting on a shelf in my bathroom is a cluster of various cleansers.  I've collected quite a few of the past years because, in the world of modern skincare, bottled cleansers seem to be the way to go.  I love liquid cleansers as much as the next person but, I'll be honest, they don't really seem to make much difference in my skin.  Sure, they're a bit more gentle, which is especially necessary for sensitive skin, but some seem to be missing that special something that only bar soaps can offer.  

I'm starting to see the reemergence of the soap bars and I'm really excited about it. Especially soap bars formulated to target specific skin-related issues. So today I'm here to pay homage to a few of the hardworking soap bars that'll address your skin's concerns head-on.

Clay Bar

When we think of soap bars, the first thing that comes to mind is the kind that produces suds.  But what if we expand our minds to include cleansing bars made of skin-loving ingredients like purifying clay?  Years ago, I was introduced to Fresh's Umbrian Clay bar and fell in love with the idea that I could "wash" my face with a purifying clay mask.  My acne-prone skin rejoiced at the thought of masking on a daily basis to keep pores clear and healthy....and that's exactly what my clay bar did.  Yes, it's pricey, but it's kind of worth it because it actually lasts forever.  And, if you ever suffer the misfortune of dropping and breaking the bar (as I have), you just pick up the pieces and continue to use them as if nothing happened. When I traveled for work, I took this clay bar with me everywhere, no mixing required.  It's a gentle, everyday clay mask that does exactly what it's supposed to do.

  • + A single ingredient clay bar that gently cleanses and detoxifies the skin.
  • + Easy to need to mix.
  • + Gentle enough to use regularly to clear out pores.

Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid soap gained popularity because of its ability to clear and even skin tone.  If hyperpigmentation is an issue, and you want to address it with your daily cleanser, kojic acid may be what you've been looking for.  The main active ingredient is derived from mushrooms. I read some reviews on Amazon and saw successes from people using kojic soap to lighten armpits, fade burn scars and even treat acne.  This soap seems to do it all. 

  • + Treats hyperpigmentation & discoloration. 
  • + Skin Brightening.
  • + Treats Acne.

Turmeric Soap

Another formidable soap in the war against acne and discoloration is turmeric soap.  We all know turmeric as an amazing supplement with a slew of internal health benefits.  But when used as a soap it can help beautify your skin.  The other day, I randomly added a pinch of turmeric powder to my liquid cleanser, and my skin absolutely loved it.  Both Tumeric and Kojic acid soap provide similar benefits. If you hadn't had success with kojic acid, maybe it's time to give turmeric soap a try.  

Turmeric Soap

  • + Fades discoloration
  • + Evens out skin tone
  • + Anti-inflammatory for acne-prone skin.

Black Soap

Another wonderful soap for pretty skin is my current favorite, black soap.  I first reintroduced black soap into my regimen after seeing this incredible before and after transformation.  Every time I switch cleansers, I always find my way back to black soap.  As someone who suffers from easily congested pores, black soap has become a lifesaver.  It deep cleans and evens out skin tone over time. Authentic black soap bars are somewhat soft and can get a little messy so if you can find a high-quality liquid black soap I highly recommend.  

+ Deep cleansing 
+ Can help clear pores
+ Evens out skin
+ Antibacterial properties to help treat acne.

Exfoliating Bars 

Last but certainly not least are exfoliating soap bars.  These bars are designed to be used on the body (too harsh for the face) and will put your sugar/coffee scrubs to shame.  They're effective and less messy than using a granulated scrub.  Glossier released a body bar featuring bamboo powder as its key exfoliator. But if you're looking for an exceptional exfoliating bar, you MUST try Crystal Peel Collection.  They somehow figured out a way to get microdermabrasion crystals into a bar of soap.  I can't articulate how much I love their bars.  They offer two varieties that are both excellent. Their original bar is huge, very coarse, and will last forever.   It's a must-try.
  • +  Buffs away dead skin using microdermabrasion crystals.
  • + Leaves your body feeling like a newborn baby.
  • + Helps even our hyperpigmentation.

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