Currently Craving: Non Hair Care edition

This is the second of many posts I'll write on what I'm currently craving.  Looking back at the first craving post, I realized that I now have pretty much everything listed with the exception of my Micro-Mist Steamer which I would've won on Ebay yesterday if I wasn't outbid within the last few seconds of the auction.  I tried to play it off as something that wasn't meant to be but, deep down inside, I'm heartbroken.  So, I'm trying to take my mind off that horrible experience by focusing on some of my other wants.

Normally, I'm not too into fashionable items but, as of late, I've been experimenting here and there and I'm enjoying the experience.  A little while ago I purchased some fitted black jeans after being inspired by this look. "In love" is how I can best describe the way I feel about the $20.00 jeans I purchased from Target.    I love them so much that I'll be picking up a second pair.  Now that I have my jeans, it's time to set my sights on something greater....a perfect pair of leather leggings/jeans.  

I don't mean to jinx things, but I gotta feeling that once I actually try on a pair of these leather pants, I'll be sorely disappointed because I'll look nothing like the image below.  Either way, I'm willing to participate in the experience of hunt.  If anyone has any ideas of where I can find a perfect pair that can fit someone who's 5'1.  Let me know. 


A couple of months ago, I was this close to purchasing a Gucci Soho bag.   Plans were already in the making to save for a 2013 purchase. Things quickly changed when this electric blue Chanel bag appeared on my Instagram timeline.  Suddenly, my priorities shifted and this Chanel bag landed at the top of my list.  Upon further research, I learned that this fabulous handbag is a couple of seasons old, so I won't be able to walk into a boutique and purchase it.  So for now, I'll just put the "vibes" out there so I can attract my next bag.  Oh, I should also mention that I received request to share my hand bag collection.  Although I don't have much of a "collection," I would love to do a future post since I love watching other people's hand bag collection videos.

Since I didn't win my beloved Micro-Mist, I'll probably grab the next item on my craving list which is a nifty camera lens.  After talking to a photographer friend of mine, I was given the recommendation of  this Tamron 24-70 as an all around great all-purpose lens.  I told him that I wanted a high quality, every day lens and he responded saying the Tamron was the lens for me.  After reading to the reviews online, I made the intention to purchase one day soon.  Thanks to that evil, overzealous,  Ebay bidder, that day may come sooner than I first thought.

My current closet is best described as shameful.  Everything is disorganized, the closet itself is dated and falling apart.  The doors are actually falling off the hinges.  I'm embarrassed just thinking about it.  I would love to create an updated, organized closet that I can proudly display.  One of my annual, end-of-the-year rituals involves ridding my home of excess clutter and reorganizing my environment.  This year, I would absolutely love to re-do & organize my closets.  Call me crazy, but I believe that if my closet was perfectly organized, the vibes I would get from standing in front of it every morning would set the tone for a magnificent day.  We all know that enough magnificent days added together creates a magnificent life.  

My last crave of the day is my ultimate obsession.  For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted an Audi A6.  I would happily give up everything else on this list for my Audi.  There's just something about this vehicle that makes me a happy inside.  One thing that stops me from getting this vehicle is the requirement of purchasing premium gas along with the high cost associated with routine repairs.  That scares me a little but I've got to get over it if I really want  the Audi.  Sometimes we let fears stop us instead of facing the fears and deciding what we're gonna do about it.  There are quite a few things I can do to mitigate the maintenance costs of the Audi but if I only focus on the cost, I become stagnant instead of moving towards my intention. 

Technically, this is supposed to be a non-hair care edition but I just couldn't help myself.  Over the past few weeks, Redken Extreme Strength Builder plus hair mask has been popping up on my radar.  The reviews are positive and the price is right (at under $20).  Of course the product has a place in my heart since it contains one of the premium healthy hair ingredients (MEA-18). I've decided to drown my Micro-Mist sorrows by purchasing a constellation prize.  This Redken mask is just the thing.  I'll be taking possession of this bad boy up this weekend and, when I'm sitting under the dryer. I'll pretend that I'm sitting under my future steamer (wipes eye). 


  1. I want EVERYTHING on your list. Particularly the chanel hobo back!And actually, now that I reflect, you can keep the audi a6. I have the Audi A4 and the maintenance and gas is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Just to get the maintenance done, I get charged $120/hr (and for the big miles like 40k, 75k it's like 10+ hours) and you pretty much have to do it. I'm paying a NYC premium price for maintenance but even when I did a stint in michigan it was 90/hr. le sigh. Also, nice new header!!!!


  2. I can't speak for Audi, but I bought my Mercedes Benz brand new in 2003 and I have never used premium gas!! And in the 10 years I have owned that car, the only major repair issue I've had was my alternator. Also, in the last 10 years, I get the oil changed ONCE per YEAR! Yes, once!! That car has been everything to me!! I will have it forever! BUT I will be getting my dream SUV soon - a Range Rover or a Mercedes G-Wagen. After driving the same car for 10+ years, the next vehicle will be MAJOR!!


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