Fitness Inspiration: Get Your Body Ready for 2013

The end of the 2012 is quickly approaching and, assuming the zombie apocalypse doesn't occur, we'll soon find ourselves entering a new year and making new promises to ourselves.  Probably, the most common resolution, made time and time again, is the intention create toned fit bodies.

I'm here to offer up a little motivation so you can be inspired to begin the process of changing your bodies sooner rather than later.  I'm a little bit of a "yo-yo exerciser".  This is similar to a "yo-yo dieter" but in relation to exercising versus dieting.  I get on these kicks where I go to the gym regularly then life gets in the way and I find myself losing the progress I once made.

One thing I learned from cyber-stalking fit and healthy ladies from instagram is that they are consistent. Working out seems to be a regular part of life for them.  The results speak for themselves in the form of beautifully toned bodies that are to die for.    Let's get to know some of them a little better shall we?

Instagram User: Blacbombshell

Miss "Bombshell", who shared a weight loss progress pic after shedding 75 lbs, attributed her success to "eating healthy, doing a lot of cardio and weight training."  It took her 5 months to sculpt her slimmer body by "eating healthy, drinking lots of water,  doing 30-45 minutes of cardio and weight training 5x a week." Her hard work, dedication, and consistency paid off big time and now she's an inspiration to us all.

Instagram User: Dolly Castro

Someone who's occupation is video model is expected to have a toned figure. As you might suspect, this girl takes her figure, and her workouts seriously.  Take a moment and look at her face in the pics below.  The look she's giving is one of complete confidence.  The kind of confidence that comes with the certainty of knowing that you have a darn near perfect physique.  I experienced quite a bit of this confidence when I worked out consistently and I'd love to get back to having that feeling once again.

Instagram User: Iamjuju

When I first saw pics of miss JuJu in a bikini, I immediately dismissed her flawless shape as having everything thing to do with plastic surgery.  But when she shared several pics of her getting her workout on, I quickly had to change my way of thinking.  "If it only required surgery to achieve her toned abs and slim waist, why is she even working out at all?"  That's when I decided that my way of thinking was only serving to keep me from working out.  Once I was aware of my limiting beliefs, I came to my senses and went back to working hard to sculpt my ideal physique.

Instagram user: swarecapri

Not only does this girl have amazing hair, her body is pretty much perfect.  In one of her updates she mentioned working out with a trainer to craft her flawless frame. As I looked at the picture below, the first thought that came to mind is "I wonder how long it's been since I've been comfortable showing my midriff?" 

We can only hide behind the warm layers of winter sweaters for so long before Spring starts to peak it's lovely head.  Next thing we know it'll be time for summer dresses and bikini's.  Creating this habit of working out now will give us an early start into 2013.  The only thing we have to lose are those excuses that keep holding us back.


  1. I really hope that you add some words on your blog talking about how this is only for healthiness and not "thinspiration". Anorexia and bulemia is growing among African Americans and while your post may just be for you, as someone who is posting publicly, you should be aware that younger people can see this and interpret it negatively and try to do the same things to achieve the bodies in the pictures posted.

  2. I'm all about health here on the blog. That's the reason why I posted images of the ladies working out at the gym. I purposefully did not chose any images depicting women who appeared underweight. It's all about fit, toned, bodies not skinny ones. Hence the title of the post "Fitness Inspiration, not "thinspiration."

    Thank you for sharing your concern and bringing light to a serious subject.

  3. I love this post! within the last year I've lost around 30 lbs and when I was focused on losing it exercising was a priority. Now I'm in a bit of a rut, but am slowly renewing my love for the gym! I guess you could say I'm a 'yo-yo exerciser' too :)

  4. Good thread. Wish all their reggies were posted & how long it took them to reach their desired results. ;)

  5. damnnn those girl got bods. amazing. hard work pays off.I am small frame but i like to build a butt and lower body up.

  6. Wonderful inspiration. Keep it coming. I have begun cutting my portions and found a site that sells correct portion plates., and I am walking most days of the week.

  7. 1 Wk later...I was so inspired by this post I decided to work out. I've been working out for a week straight. All I keep replaying in my mind is "If these beautiful ladies with gorgeous bods work religiously to stay sculpted why do I still feel mediocrity in my fitness will get me to my goal?" It won't. The reason these ladies have extraordinary physiques is because they do the extra necessary to maintain their looks.

  8. I'm super late but I love this post. As a 40 year old black woman who suffered from an eating disorder in my early 20s, I can tell you that if there were more public images like this at the time, I would have known that it was possible to get fit the right way. Back then women of color were more concerned with their hair than their hearts, so the only way I could figure out how to mainitain my weight was through a destructive relationship with food. Thanks for putting this out there and showing people healthy alternatives.


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