My list of the top 5 most perfect hair on Reality TV

I've got a confession to make. One of my guiltiest pleasure is the joy I receive from watching reality shows. Yes, part of the reason why I indulge in such obvious ratchetness is because of the "drama." But the real reason why partake in the festivities of reality TV is because I get to do some serious hair stalking.  I'm well aware that most of the ladies of reality television are sporting weaves but, on the flip side, there are also some drool worthy heads of hair worth noting.  I'd like to take a brief moment to celebrate my top #5 most fabulous heads of hair I've seen on reality TV.  Let's see if you agree with my list. 
I'm pretty sure that Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives wears extension pieces from time to time.  But, for the most part, she's got some banging hair.  Her hair style of choice is bone straight and home girl keeps her stuff laid.  She kinda has the vibe of being a perfectionist and it seems like her hair is no exception.

I'm saddened that Malorie, Cynthia Bailey's sister, isn't making appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta because I miss checking out her hair.  I was in love with her length and thickness.  Although I couldn't tell for sure, she appears to be relaxed and hovering somewhere around mid-back length.  I really appreciate the fact that she was sporting her real hair, didn't seem to protective style much and still retained length.  I'd love to know more about her regimen.

For some of you, this name may not ring a bell.  That's 'cause Alasia wasn't on your typical housewives-style reality show.  She was actually a part of the America's Next Top Model cast (Cycle 14).  I'll never forget how she was introduced.  She was wearing this short Halle Berry style wig and when she was selected as one of the finalists, she removed the wig and allowed her gorgeous mane to be unleashed.  Home girl's hair was amazing.  So healthy and shiny looking that I don't think Tyra did anything to change it during the infamous "Make Over" episode.  Although she wasn't crowned America's next top Model, she still deserves to be acknowledged for having the most fabulous head of hair I've ever seen on that show.

What can I say about this woman's hair?  It's just phenomenal.  It's like every strand is perfectly healthy. Not a split end or even a hint of frizz in sight.  I have no more words, her tresses are just beautiful.

("Hair so pretty, makes me wanna twirl")

Believe me, it was a tough choice between Brooke and Kenya but I gotta give this one to Kenya because this woman's hair is EVERYTHING!  It is everything.  Thick, shiny, and super healthy looking even though she's color-treated.  Her hair can be best described as "gone with the wind fabulous." Yes, she has a strong personality that makes it difficult for some to connect with her. But to be honest, who cares about all that when your hair is the standard of perfection?  Seriously though, I just want to pay homage by crowning her Miss "Most Amazing Hair on Reality TV."  Hey, it's not as profound as being crowned Miss America USA, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a pretty big deal. 

Who would you put at the top of the list?


  1. Love your jibe at twirling and Ms. America! This wss a great list, not only do I stalk t.v., I stalk folks in our work cafe, standing in the grocery line. Once your hooked on hair its second nature. I meet u then check out ur strands!

  2. Lawd, Kenya Moore makes me want to color my hair. I'm off to get more detailed pics of the dye job!

  3. As much as I can't STAND Kenya, her hair is drool-worthy!! Like you said, so thick, so lush, and it looks sooo healthy! I love it!!

    And I don't watch BBW but I've seen Brooke on the previews when I tune in to Family Hustle... I didn't know that was all her hair! It's gorgeous!

  4. Brooke wins first place in my eyes but I really enjoyed this list!!


  5. I didn't think Kenya's hair was real? she annoys me so much I can't look past that.
    Brooke is gorgeous for sure!!

  6. I agree with all your picks but how about Bri from ANTM. She also was in the Garnier Fructis comercials. Her hair was really nice.

  7. Bre does have some gorgeous hair. Too bad she cut it.

  8. I love this list! Kenya is working with a few screws loose but I love that hair!

  9. List is perfect. Wouldn't change a thing. I love Kenya and Brooke's hair also.

  10. Is it just me or do all of these ladies heat train? It seems as if the majority of the ladies on your list constantly wear their hair out, and straighten. Which I find very interesting. It just proves that you can have healthy hair and still use heat on the regular.


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