Motivation Monday | The Reason why your results aren't that great

A little while ago, I was listening to a podcast interview where a guy who was making tens of thousands of dollars a month from his online store was sharing the story of his business success.  One of the contributors to the results was the novelty of his idea but, there was something even more critical to his amazing results.

He tells the interviewer that his mentor advised him to invest $1,000 a day in online advertising.  When I heard that I flinched.  The thought of spending that much money a day on something that might not produce good returns scared the crap out of me.  He was afraid too.....but he did it.  Guess what happened.  That weekend he grossed over $10,000 in sales. The rest is history.

There was that other time when I watched John Assaraf's video where he tells his story of how his mentor provided him an opportunity to leave his dead end life and become a millionaire.  As part of his journey to wealth, John began making outbound calls to potential real estate clients daily.  Most importantly, John had to call a minimum of 100 potential clients a day.  Allow that thought to settle in for a few moments.

As I study the success stories of people who have achieved great results, I keep finding clues where the person took massive action towards their goals.  They did much, much more than what seems reasonable. You've probably have got some goals you'd like to achieve (I know I do). But are the actions you are taking within your comfort zone?  I can honestly say that I am operating within (or below) my comfort zone.  That is probably why I haven't achieved the level of results I desire.

Can we take a moment to really create the distinction of what Massive Action truly is?  I think of massive action as the level of action that one has to take to exceed their goal.  Problem is that most of us will create a goal and take action at levels well below what is required to achieve it.  Then we struggle to see results and prolong the process much longer than necessary.  We tend to severely underestimate the amount of work and effort required to get the results you want.

Do me a favor. Take a look at your goals.  Then identify the actions you were going to take to reach them goals.....then double, triple, quadruple or 10X those actions.  When the amount of work required  scares you a little, that's when progress is possible.  Wanna reach the level of success of you read or  hear about?  Do A LOT more than you are doing now.


  1. WOW. Yet again I've read your post right when I needed it! I JUST weighed myself MINUTES ago after a week of mediocre exercise activity and audibly expressed that I'm giving up due to a 5 lbs weight gain! I was confused and shocked at the adverse results. But reading this everything you've said is true, I am totally working honestly below my comfort zone. I'm floored how quickly God answers my prayers! Bless you!

  2. Thank you for this post. I know every word you posted is true and I've been reading my full about manifestation. Unfortunately, I am so unmotivated and uninspired I find it hard to operate at more than the bare minimum to get by. I really feel like I need an electronic jolt to my system to get moving sigh. Great blog girl, keep it up!

  3. Perfect timing Nadege! Just this afternoon, I went through the exercise of writing my 12 months goals down for my health coaching business. I came up with a financial goal that felt "doable". After reading this, I'm thinking I need to push a little bit harder!

    On another note, what podcast were you listening to? I love biz discussions like that!


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