5 Awesome Things to do before you shower


I'm a huge proponent of creating a new habit by tagging it on to another action that I do everyday. This makes it easier for the habit to stick.  That way I don't have to worry about remembering to do it because, my mind uses the current behavior as a trigger to completed the new action.

Since taking a shower is an everyday thing, I thought it would make sense to utilize this activity as a spring board to tack on more habits.  So far I've thought of at least five awesome habits that I'm going to try.

Since I'm going to be cleansing anyway, might as well break a little sweat first and get the benefits of a healthier body.  I'm not talking about doing a full 30 minute workout.  We already know that just a few minutes of exercise a day is sufficient to provide benefits, so there aren't any more excuses about not having enough time to work out.  I've been doing quick jump rope sessions since it doesn't take much to get the heart rate up. Oh, and jump roping is said to also help increase/maintain bone density. Within a couple of minutes, I'm already breaking a sweat.  Then I add a few squats, lunges and I'm good to go. 

Dry Brushing.
The act of showering is meant to help cleanse & refresh the body.  This makes it the perfect time to prepare the skin by dry brushing.  If you already gotten in a quick workout, dry brushing will only help to further increase circulation while loosening the dirt on the skin for an even greater cleansing.  Not too mention that dry brushing + the consistent exercise will do wonders to combat cellulite. There are no viable reasons why you should not be dry brushing before each and every shower.  Just make it happen.

Scalp Massage.
If you did a little workout and you dry brushed, why not add in a quick scalp massage to keep the circulation going.  Sanford Bennett used to do a quick session of "scalp pulling" each morning when he woke up.  While the blood is already pumping through our body thanks to the workout and dry brush, might as well direct some of that goodness to your scalp.  Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to invigorate your follicles and stimulate growth.

One of my newest peeves, is stepping out of a shower feeling all fresh and clean only to walk into a room with things scattered everywhere.  I'm not sure why that bothers me, but it does.  So I've decided to take a couple of minutes, before bathing, to straighten up the room a bit so when I return, everything is better organized.   It's like getting a fresh new start and it makes me feel good all over.  Stepping out of a fresh shower and walking into a disorderly room is like putting new wine in old wineskin, it just doesn't make sense.

Focus on your goals
 My shower doubles as my second office or think tank.  It's the perfect time to hash out ideas and think about my action plan for the day.   Something about the running water helps me think clearly.  So what I've decided to do is to remind myself of my current goals prior to stepping into the shower then I brainstorm creative ideas about how to bring my goals closer to reality.  Can someone out there reading this invent a waterproof way for me to capture ideas in the shower? I'll be your first customer.

None of these actions take that long. Just a couple of minutes a day and, before you know it, you've formed a new habit.


  1. Maybe a shower recorder to capture your ideas in the shower? There are shower radios so why not take it a step further? Great post by the way, I'm proud of you!

  2. You know what? I thought I was the only one who cannot stand clutter, especially after a bath. I think we have a semi "perfectionist" type thing....like almost, all or none. I'm not making sense because it's hard to put into words. But it's also like putting on dirty clothes after a bath.


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