The Beauty Secret of the actress who hasn't aged in over 20 years.

I'll admit it.  After writing the post sharing coconut oil of the beauty secret of the flight attendant with gorgeous skin, I was on totally on board.  I tried that method for a few nights and, my skin loved it!  Then I fell off.

But, I've now found new reason to get my behind right back on track.  But before I tell you what my motivation is, let me first take you back.  Many moons ago, I watched a movie called Class Act with Kid & Play.  One of the love interests in the movie was this woman with amazing skin & gorgeous hair.   I mean....just look at her.

That was 22 years ago.  Recently, she randomly popped into my mind and I decided to do some digging to find out whatever happened to her.  Honestly, I was a little nervous to stumble on updated pics because I've had too many experiences where I'm disheartened by the current state of my childhood heroes.  The last thing I wanted to find out was that time had gotten the best of her and Alysia was now only a shadow of her former self.   Turns out that Alysia Rogers is pretty active on Facebook so it wasn't that hard to find her.

But I was not ready for what I saw when I landed on her page. The woman has barely aged in the last two decades!  Immediately, I went into hyper drive scouring her comments for signs of beauty secrets buried within her skin care regimen.  Turns out that others were just as curious as I was to know her routines as I was.  So when she invited her followers to ask her a question, you know everyone was asking about her beauty/skin care routine.

Here's what she shared:
"I keep it really simple : Its crazy I went through my phases with slight skin problems (pimples ) but I soon realized it was the soda and what I was putting in my body . Start from the inside ...drink lots of water ..even if you hate it !! Wash your face every night and use a mild astringent after. I then take a little coconut oil and use it as my moisturizer ...I know oil but believe it or not Coconut Oil is natures secret to skin, hair and health !!!"

You don't have to tell me twice Miss "I haven't aged in 20 years."   I will faithfully drink ample amounts of water and keep my skin supple with coconut oil.  Going to bed greasy is the truth. Since this is the second time I've heard the message of coconut oil for beautiful skin (in less than a month), I'm once again a believer and vow to stay faithful to this practice for years to come.


  1. there are people who know how to grow old, she is one of them!

  2. This is a nice advice, and a great evidence the coconut really works! Thanks for sharing!

  3. She looks amazing. Coconut oil it is.

  4. Ok Nadege. Ever since I read your last post about the coconut oil, I have been faithful in doing it. This just solidifies it for me. Thank you for always posting regularly. Abbie

  5. Is it me or is she significantly lighter than she was back then? I would have never guessed that was her in the bottom pics. She looks great however.

  6. I'm totally intrigued by using coconut oil.

  7. wow! her skin looks amazing, she actually looks younger to me! I need to be more consistent with the coconut oil!

  8. She looks amazing. Unfortunately, my skin doesn't tolerate coconut oil at all and I avoid it like the plague(it actually ranks 4 out of 5 in the comedogenic ratings). I use black seed oil instead.

  9. Thanks so much for posting this about Alysia Rogers, until just now, I never knew her name and often wonder what happen with her and her career, she's absolutely gorgeous.


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