Five Beauty Treatments I do from my Hotel Room.


Long ago, whenever I had to be away from home, my skin suffered.  The change in weather meant dry scaly skin.  My unhealthy eating habits created dull congested skin.  Long days with little water intake created breakouts.  By the time I returned home, I'd have to conduct multiple skin treatments just to correct all of the issues that resulted from my neglect.  I'd have to scrub, masks, steam and whatever else it took to bring things back to normal.

That was then.  Now things are completely different.  Today I have the power to conduct any skin care treatment from the comfort of some random hotel room.  Best of all, only a few products are required.

Deep Cleansing
Prior to recently, I took my Clarisonic with me on the road.  But, unfortunately,  when I returned home, I still had to employ the magnificent power of the Clarisonic Plus to really give my skin the once over.  I finally had to draw the line and bring my super powered Clarisonic with me.  My skin was tested recently on a 10 day trip.  There was very little sleep and not a lot of time to take care of my face. Thank goodness my Clarisonic Plus was there for me.  When I came home, my skin was the least of my worries. Where would I be without this wonderful piece of machinery?

It's pretty humid in my neck of the woods.  I take for granted the benefits of the additional moisture in the air.  After a few days in drier air, my skin starts to flake.  Dry patches pop up.  I've never been big on using moisturizers. They just don't seem to have any staying power.  But....when Evian + Capriclear came into my life, dryness went away.  When I hydrate and seal my face with this amazing duo, I have no other worries.

After three days away from home, the first thing I would do was exfoliate.  First I'd do two rounds with my Clarisonic then I'd break out my Riviiva to really attack the surface layer.  Now, I take my exfoliation treatment with me.  The Alpha Beta Peel pads are the best thing that every happened to me.  So easy to use and so portable.  In two minutes, I've done a mini exfoliation. It's that easy.

Anti Aging
I wake up super early.  The first thing I do when I arise is break out a bottle of water to start my day.  Now that routine has been paired with my Collagen capsules.  Of all the supplements I've taken, I've been the most consistent with collagen.  I'm afraid all of these long days and frequent travel will catch up with me unless I take something to combat the aging process.  Collagen is so easy to take that I can't pass it up.

Last but not least, my favorite purifying treatment of all time. The small jar makes it extra portable.  And we all know the Clearing Mud is uber powerful.  It feels good knowing that if a pimple were to rear its ugly head, I'll be ready and waiting.


  1. When you spray on your Evian and Capriclear, do you spray this after your moisturizer or after you set your makeup?

  2. Hi Anon,
    I use the duo as a substitute for my moisturizer prior to applying make up.

  3. Love my Clarisonic! I finally got my new brush head and can totally tell a difference in my skin. I really should start bringing it along while I travel! I splurged on the PLUS also.


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