Fearless Friday | Make Friday the day your conquer your fears

After writing that post on courage and wearing the red lip, I began to reflect on the other areas of my life where I am harboring these tiny little fears.  These "fears" are so small that I don't even identify with them as a fear. More like something "I don't want to do." Truth is, I don't want to do them because deep down, it makes me uncomfortable. 
I'd like to rid myself of the habit of not taking an action simply because it's outsize of my comfort zone.  I read online once where a guy, who mentors several people, would deem every Friday as "Fearless Friday."  On Fridays, each of the mentees would select something they are afraid to do (or are uncomfortable doing) and conquer it.  Although I'm not directly a part of the group, I've decided to take on that challenge in my own life!

I've plugged in a message in my phone as a reminder that each Friday, I must do an act of courage.  I don't have to skydive out of a plane in order to meet my Fearless Friday requirement. It could be as simple as doing something that I've been putting off. Another way I will approach Fearless Friday is to revisit activities that I stopped doing because I was not good at it.  It's the fear of looking bad/stupid that made me stop.  Friday is the day that I will set aside any negative self talk and just do it.  Eventually, this will become a way of thinking for me each day but until then, I will practice extending my comfort zone using Friday as a springboard.

I think I'll start by taking a cold shower this morning.  Talk about doing something you don't want to do.  I literally have to fight every fiber within me that wants a warm comfortable shower.  The whole process is an exercise in courage. Back when I engaged in regular cold showers, I noticed that I would display courage in other things I did throughout the day.  It was fascinating to watch experience. 

Let's build the habit of moving forward through our fears hesitations by taking on Fearless Friday as a thing.  We do this because NEW ACTIONS = NEW RESULTS. Who's with me?


  1. I can identify with fearless fridays. Some years ago I decided to conquer my fear of two things water and learning to ride a bicycle in vehicular traffic. I conquered them and boosted my confidence.

  2. Hey Nadege! I am with you! I will start doing the same! I will make a list of small things that make me unconfortable and each Friday I will pick and item from my list!
    Love this idea! I am going take little steps to became fearless!

  3. Right up my alley, as always! This'll push me to expand my social and professional network. To push aside the feelings most introverts have. Gotta get around those with the same mindset! Gotta put myself out there without fear! Thanks!

  4. I'm with you too! I love the idea of fearless Friday, I've been so stuck in a rut lately and I need to get it together.


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