[live beautifully.] Turn Your Home into a Space that You Never Want to Leave.

Most, if not all of us will be homebound for a while.  I'm hoping for things to return to normal but who knows how long it'll be before that happens.  I'm a homebody so this quarantine experience nothing new.   Here's a tip to survive being confined at home, the more you love your environment, the faster the time will fly.

I strongly believe that turning your home into a mini-oasis is the key to thriving during these crazy times we're in.   Let's chat about some simple, cost-effective ways to turn your living space into an environment you'll absolutely love.
The first tip should be a no brainer but, you must start with a blank palette.  You know that feeling of bliss that comes over you when you walk into your hotel room.  That moment of elation comes from walking into a place the appears completely cleaned and organized.  Nothing is out of place, it feels so calm and relaxing.  But once you open your luggage and start putting all of your personal belongings everywhere, that once pristine hotel room loses some of its charm.

Same principle applies to our home.  Your living space can easily become a source of joy.  Even if you don't have a lot of fancy decor, you can absolutely love being at home.   In order to get there, we must apply this valuable lesson from the hotel industry.

Part of the reason why they don't allow us to check-in 'till late afternoon is 'cause someone is in that room cleaning it from top to bottom....and this happens every single day. I clean my house on random occasions and noticed that it doesn't get as clean as when my housekeeper does it.  Why? Because I don't dedicate several uninterrupted hours towards deep cleaning.  Instead, I'm developing the habit of cleaning a little bit every day.  This enables me to apply the compound effect which helps the space to stay organized with less effort. 

You want your house/apartment to give you that "hotel room" feeling? Put away (or throw away) as much stuff as possible and clean daily.  It'll change your life.

Once you've stockpiled enough food and toilet paper to last you a few weeks, perhaps you can consider treating yourself to 1-2 items that can elevate your experience at home.   No need to go overboard and spend money needlessly but if you're committed to staying home, you can reallocate  the money you would've used for your morning Starbucks run, on things like:

-Fresh flowers for the home
-Your favorite candle
-A diffuser that fills your home with your favorite scent.
-New fluffy pillows for a restful night sleep
- A comfy robe to wrap yourself in after you step out of the shower.
-Bathtime essentials

These are just a few ideas.  I'm sure you've got some ideas on simple items that will elevate your at-home stay experience without breaking the bank.
Lastly, I invite you to maximize the use of your outdoor living space.  If you have a balcony, patio, backyard, or even a tiny porch, utilize it to the fullest.  If you were booking a hotel room and the reservations person asks if you would prefer a room with a balcony or one without, chances are you'd go for the one with the balcony.  Maybe you'd eat your breakfast outside as you took in the view. 

That little bit of outdoor space would be considered an added luxury.  Yet many of us have probably neglected our outdoor real estate.  It's time to spruce up that area again.   Add a couple potted plants, a scented candle, maybe a little furniture.  It doesn't take much.  The idea is to transform it into a liveable part of your home.   Instead of staying inside all day, you can have your morning coffee or journal outdoors while watching the sunrise. 

Pro tip:  If you have to work on something that requires a lot of concentration, or that you've been putting off.... work on it in your outdoor area.  Trust me, working outside just seems to have a calmer vibe.  It's great for lowering anxiety and sparking creativity.

You don't need to spend a penny to spruce up the place and having it looking like new.  Most hotels are nothing more than a bed, a tv, a dresser, and a couple of lamps and desks.  What makes them desirable is how fresh and inviting they appear.  Create a blank slate for your home by focusing on the basics ---cleaning, organizing.  From there, a few simple touches will quickly transform it into a place you absolutely love.

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