I tried Halle Berry's 4 Step At-Home Facial...And You Should Too!

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Earlier today, my skin was dry & dull.  But now it's smooth and hydrated thanks to Halle Berry.  Yes, Halle Berry, the 53-year-old actress who still holds beauty inspiration status 'till this very day.  We've been waiting forever for Halle to reveal how she maintains her beautiful skin and youthful appearance.

Well, ladies, the day has finally arrived.  Wanna know the best part?  Her routine only involves 4 simple steps that anyone can recreate with products we already have on hand.  Halle's video came just at the right time because Sundays were meant for skin treatments.  So, give this routine and try and see if you love it as much as I do.

 At the start of her IGTV video Halle offers a disclaimer that this routine is one that she's been committed to since the age of sixteen.  Every day, 2X a day, she makes sure to execute a ritual that beautifies her skin.

The first step to any skin routine is usually the cleanse.  Pretty standard.  But one thing I noticed is that Halle executed the 60-second rule as she washes her face.  For those of you who don't know, the sixty-second rule is the art of deep cleansing by allowing a full minute to pass before rinsing.  This provides enough time for your product to work deep within your pores.  Those who've implemented this step call it a game-changer.  Ever since I started cleansing for at least 60-seconds, I've never looked back.

I watched closely as Halle cleansed her face.  One thing I picked up on is how she incorporates massage-like motions as she cleanses.  Halle directs us to rub our skin "rigorously in upward motions" because it'll serve us well "as the years go by" and she absolutely right!  Basically, she's combining facial massage and deep cleansing in one step which deep cleans the pores while stimulating collagen production.   

After she's done with her massage/cleanse, Halle then reaches for a cleansing brush to finish the job. This facial cleansing brush is the only product revealed in the entire 5-minute video.   It's the VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device.  This device contains over 20k ultra-thin bristles that are "smaller than your pores" (according to their website).  That puts the Phillips Home Facial Device at an advantage to take pore cleansing to another level. 

Next Halle reaches for her OleHendriksen Pore Balanced Facial Sauna Scrub.  It's a dual-action warming & cooling scrub loaded with goodies like glycolic and lactic acid to exfoliate and deeply purify.  I have quite a few exfoliating scrubs but not of them actually contain chemical acids and microbeads.  This formula is the best of both worlds which is why Halle proclaims the Facial Sauna Scrub as her all-time favorite.

As Halle moves on to the next step in the process, we see her face drenched in moisture.  That's cause she's wearing Skinceutical's B5 Hydration Mask.  Since I didn't have this product in hand, I opted to go with a trusty sheet mask because they provide intense hydration like nothing else.  Once the mask is applied, Halle lightly and repeatedly slaps her face as a means of creating additional circulation to the skin surface.  I typically massage any excess serum but from now on, I'm going to try this "slapping method" and see what unfolds.

The at-home facial wraps up with Halle's favorite step, moisturizing.  Because Halle is obsessed with exfoliation, she finishes her ritual with a Lactic Acid Serum created by her skin specialist.  At this point, we're able to clearly see her skin in its pure form.  It's dewy, blemish-free, and shows no signs of age spots or wrinkles.  Basically, how we all want our skin to look when we approach our mid-fifties.  My favorite part about Halle's makeup-free face is that she appears to have no fillers or any of the common anti-aging treatments that somehow make people appear older as an unintended side effect. 

Halle's routine offers a simple reminder that exfoliation and hydration hold the key to beautiful skin for life.

Who's gonna try this?

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