Everything I Learned from Laura Harrier's Nightly Skin Routine.

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The other day, I came across a video of Laura Harrier's multi-step nighttime beauty routine. I've followed Laura on IG years before her recent rise to stardom. A while back, I wrote an article about how she swears by honey masks to treat her skin. You can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled on a video featuring her entire nightly routine. 

Whenever I watch these "Go to Bed with Me" videos, I don't lend my full attention to the products use. Instead, I observe for any key takeaways that I can apply to my routine ASAP. Laura's routine certainly had a few precious gems that we all can benefit from. 

Let us discuss.
I'll preface our conversation by saying that I've been really slacking on my skincare routine as of late. I'm home a lot more which only allows fuels my laziness. But, since fall is almost here, I feel a greater sense of urgency to get back on track. So I paid close attention to Laura's routine and walked away with a few amazing tips:

CLEANSE// Clarins Foaming Cleanser.
Laura starts off her nightly routine by applying a gentle, double foaming cleanser to her skin. One thing that made my ears perk up is how she admits to using cold water to cleanse her skin in the morning. If you haven't yet tried using cold water on your face, now is the perfect time to start. As outside temperatures drop, so does the water that comes out of our pipes. Rinsing with cold water tightens up the pores and brings blood flow to the surface. Your skin will look amazing. 

Instead of rinsing her cleanser away, like us simpletons, Laura opts to employ the help of muslin cloth to remove her cleanser. These cloths will mop up the cleanser while exfoliating the skin. Basically, they're sorta like Italy cloths but for the face

When I first saw her bare skin at the start of the video, the very first thought the crossed my mind was "her skin looks well exfoliated." If Laura, indeed uses this cloth twice a day, then she is engaging in the art of daily exfoliation for flawless skin. Daily exfoliation doesn't have to be intense. Just a simple way to remove buff away dead skin that dulls the complexion. Here's a quick bit of feedback from someone who's sold on the power of muslin cloths:

At first feel of this Muslin cloth, you would think that it won't be effective but I can assure you it most certainly is. Granted this feels weak when water is added but to remove the cleanser is really good, soft on the skin and definitely exfoliates well.
I will definitely be getting a set of these facial cloths 'cause I've been slacking on exfoliation. This seems like an easy, effective solution. 

SERUM // Clarins Double Serum
After cleansing, Laura skips the toning steps and reaches directly for her serum. Here, she's using Clairin's Double Serum. Basically, it's two serums that combine into one as you pump out the product. After witnessing the two serums becoming one, I paused the video and began to contemplate the pros and cons of combining two serums at once.

After a few moments of reflection, I decided that the pros might actually outweigh the cons and this might be worth a try. So I grabbed a vitamin C serum I had laying around and combined it with a few drops of hydrating serum. Then I rubbed the newly created hydrating C serum onto my skin and was amazed. Suddenly, my mediocre serum was enhanced beyond my expectations. Can't wait to pair up the other serums I have laying around to see if I can bring out their greatness.

As Laura completes her post-cleanse moisturizing, she wraps her routine by grabbing her gua sha facial tool. She then proceeds to give herself a brief lymphatic drainage massage while further ensuring that the products used are fully absorbed into her skin. If you have a gua sha tool but find yourself not using it that often, adding it to the end of your nightly routine is the best way to make it a daily habit. Gua Sha massage is also a great way to help alleviate the facial muscles of the stress of squinting at a computer or cell phone all day. If you only break out your Gua Sha massager every once in a while, you'll miss out on the cumulative toning & lifting benefits from long term use. 

Those are just some of my key takeaways from Laura's routine but she definitely drops some additional gems in the full video. 

Be sure to check it out.

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