This LED Mask Brings NASA Technology to Your Beauty Routine.

LED Face Shield Mask

A few years ago, I was introduced to the wonderful world of LED light therapy. At the time, LED masks were just entering the beauty space as the hottest must-have. Celebrities were posting selfies featuring their own personal LED masks purchased exclusively from their estheticians. I looked around at pricing and, at the time, the most popular brand was going for somewhere around $1,000.

Needless to say, I decided to wait patiently for the prices to make sense. Sometime later, I found a generic version of the infamous Desse mask at a far more reasonable price. Once I had the mask in hand, I questioned whether a mask with a bunch of tiny colored light-bulbs would actually work to change my skin.

In reality, it did. Although I didn't use it as consistently as I should've, I always noticed a difference when I wore the mask vs. when I neglected it. But, alas, the mask broke after my clumsy self dropped it.  Recently, I stumbled on an image of Kourtney Kardashian wearing a newer, more modern version of the LED mask. I was intrigued and immediately wanted to know more.Unlike traditional LED masks, this one is transparent. Another obvious difference was that the wearers were not lying down to receive the red light treatment. That's because this new generation of LED mask was now cordless and portable. Which meant that we no longer had to be confined laying down to use our mask.

This is a huge deal because portability means a greater likelihood for consistency and consistency will produce greater results.

My package arrived in a cute small box.  Much smaller than I expected.  Unlike my previous mask which came with a bunch of plugs, extra bulbs, straps, etc, this only contained a clear face shield, USB cord, and instructions. Since we're living in the era of covid, many of you will understand when I say that this LED mask pretty much looks and feels like your typical face shield. It's super light (I placed it on the scale & it only weighed 2.7 oz) and very easy to wear. 

On the side of the white band is a simple on/off button. Each time you press the button again, the color changes from Red, to Blue, to Yellow.  The various colors have the potential to provide unique benefits. Red for collagen production and anti again.  Blue for anti-inflammation and acne. Yellow/Orange for detoxifying and treating discoloration.  The mask is also equipped with a self-time that conveniently shuts it off after 15 minutes of use.  

I'm obsessed with this mask because I can actually wear it while doing random things around the house.  I practically forget I have it on.  Yesterday, I wore it while doing housework.  Not having to be confined to a bed to use an LED face mask is the biggest technological advancement in modern history (maybe).  

Since I've had my new mask, I'd used it multiple times.  Every time I lay eyes on it, I want to put it on.  This is a big deal because I'd always have to remind myself to use the clunkier mask.  

These masks create subtle, yet noticeable differences in the texture of your skin when used consistently.   One concern I did have is that, compared to my white LED mask, the lights on the face shield aren't as bright and overpowering.  This made me wonder if the face shield wasn't as effective as its predecessor.  

After doing a little research and comparing the specs here and here, I was comforted in knowing that both masks have the ability to send skin healing light to the skin at around the same wavelengths.  This makes me feel so much better knowing that my skin is receiving similar skin-enhancing benefits for a fraction of the price and a way better user experience. 

There's a seller on Amazon who has these masks available for a little over $50.00. That's a far cry from the $190.00 option that Kourtney K offers. Amazon also has a great return policy so you can try this mask daily for a few weeks and see if your skin loves it as well.    

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