Not Self Motivated? Here's How to Accomplish All of Your Goals Anyway.


When I first got into the process of personal development, I realized that a big part of reaching your goals and achieving success was fueled by being consistently motivated. At one point, I sought to learn from the most self-motivated people I could find. These people seemed to be able to tap into an endless source of internal motivation that most of us only dream of.

I tried to become one of those people....and failed miserably.

I just never seemed to consistently muster up the constant flow of self-motivation needed to crush my goals on a daily basis. Not having an endless source of self-motivation to tap into was frustrating. Once you label yourself a non-motivated individual, it all goes downhill from there.

Thankfully, I realized that being motivated isn't an innate gift that a select few are blessed with. In fact, I believe that the most motivated people have mastered one technique that I will share with you today.

When you say to "I want to do or accomplish xyz," at that very moment, you are motivated to set a goal/intention for yourself. The next day arrives and it's time to put in the work required to make turn your dream into reality.

But there's one problem....

You don't feel like doing anything. So you give yourself a pass and nothing gets accomplished. This has happened to me more times than I can count. But I'm happy to say that I think I may have figured out the key to getting rid of this destructive cycle. All I did was ask myself one simple question.

What motivates me?

There are times when each of us has plenty of internal drive to get things done. And there are also times when we don't feel like doing anything of purpose. If you were to analyze your personal patterns, can you determine what's the difference between when you're motivated and when you're not?

When I sat down to reflect, I was able to identify my motivation driver(s). What's a motivation driver? Basically, it's an internal or external factor that has the power to actually motivate you into action! After careful reflection, I realized that one of my greatest motivation drivers consisted of the following:

Surrounding myself with others who were doing what I want to do//
So for example, if I want to have a highly productive workday, I will be much more motivated to stay on course if I play YT videos of entrepreneurs sharing their "day in the life". Simply watching those videos alone, gives me a boost of motivation that can last for hours.

This also works well if I want to motivate myself to exercise. I can try to muster up some self-motivation (which may or may not work)......or I can simply watch IG stories or YT videos of people working out. The second option, for me, is a bit more effortless and comes with less resistance.

What gets you motivated? Are you inspired into action by looking at before/after pics? Or do the success stories of others make you want to get off your couch and do something? Are you more likely to change your behavior if you change your environment?

We all have a motivation trigger that pushes the right button. Whatever that trigger is for you, I want you to activate it and activate it often! If you're motivated by results, surround yourself with examples of others who've achieved the results you want.

The idea of being totally self-driven is an illusion. We shouldn't rely solely on a mystical internally generated motivation that may or may not exist. Instead, I want you to identify EXACTLY what motivates you. Look back on those times when you had the most motivation (that turned into action) and ask yourself, "what was it that motivated me?" Once you've narrowed down your greatest motivation triggers, you have the key that can unlock your greatest potential. The final step is to activate those triggers often and use them generously to accomplish everything you desire.


  1. This post was so motivational in itself!
    I'm definitely guilty of sitting back sometimes and labelling myself as 'unmotivated.' - I need to stop doing that!
    Chloe X

  2. I’m learning to push past my feelings and get it done anyway by trying to be more disciplined and consistent. I’ve realised I never feel like doing it so waiting for my feelings to catch will result in a lot of wasted time. Although it doesn’t happen every single weekend, I’m able to achieve some work on my personal as I strive towards working for myself, by God’s grace


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