Motivation Monday: Becoming a Master Level Creator

I'd like to take a moment to express some gratitude.  The first four months of 2013 have been pretty phenomenal.  Several goals and intentions have manifested back to back.  Two of them has been visions of mine for years.  There's nothing more incredible than experiencing the manifestation something you imagined become a reality.

So now I'm thinking, "how can I keep doing more of this?"  "How do I re-enact the creation process over and over again with even bigger goals? And, is there a way to speed up the process?"   Looking back, I can identify missed opportunities that slowed down the fruition of some of the outcomes.

 I read somewhere that intention manifestation should be as simple as this example:

 Person A is hungry and thinks to herself. "I'm hungry, I want something to eat"  She might think to herself, what would I like to eat?  She sets the intention to enjoy a chicken sandwich.  If she has the ingredients in the fridge, she follows the steps that take her directly to her intention.  She walks to the fridge, she pulls out the ingredients, she assembles her meal, she eats.
She doesn't jump into the shower, she doesn't make a phone call to a friend, she doesn't start ironing her clothes for the next day. She doesn't make a to do list with "making a sandwich' as the top priority. She walks over to the fridge and makes her sandwich.

If the ingredients aren't readily available, she has two options.
1. She can change her intention and settle for/create a different outcome.
2. She can leave her home and go obtain the ingredients necessary to make the sandwich she desires.

I know that this example is quite simple but I think there's something powerful in seeing your dreams as easily accessible as long as you follow the path that leads you directly there.  I find myself desiring something then doing everything but the exact steps necessary that move me closest to my intended result.  I'm the girl who will walk over to the fridge, pull out the bread then go do a load of laundry.

 (seeking images to create my next Vision Manifestation Board)

As I turn my attention to my newest intentions, I'd like to take a close look at how my actions align with what I want.  If I really want to enjoy a sandwich, it wouldn't make sense for my actions to be the exact opposite.  Nor would it make sense for me to allow distractions to take away from what I really want. The year is still young and I'd like to go into hyper-focus to fine tune my creation skills.  Last year, I started (silently) referring to myself as a "master creator" as an affirmation to train my subconscious mind into believing that manifesting is easy.  I didn't just say the words, but I also focused my thoughts towards that intention.  Anytime I thought I about what I wanted, I would conjure of the feelings of having them.  Months later, I'm seeing the fruit of that consistent way of thinking.

 One action I will take is to continue this effort is to record affirmations on my Iphone of outcomes I'd like to experience and listen to them as I fall asleep.  I'll also create a written instructional "road-map" on the fastest, most direct way to achieve my intentions then commit to heading in that direction.  Nowadays, when I look at my vision board, it seems more like a collaboration of things I like rather than a collection of intentions that I aspire to.  This is why it's time to create another vision board filled with new experiences and possibilities.

Finally, I have to make sure all of my intentions are clearly defined both verbally and visually through the use of visualization.  Creating clear mental pictures of what I desire is a struggle for me but I realized that when I practice it, the images get clearer and clearer.  In my experience, clear images are critical to this manifestation process.

It feels kinda weird to create a whole new set of goals. Some of the intentions that came into existence were on my goal list for years. I think I somehow got attached to them as goals and not realities.  Now it's time for me to think differently to create a new life.  I'm up for that challenge and I look forward to it.


  1. I love this kind posting of yours... I find it truly inspiring to keep working at my own intentions and manifestations.

  2. This help me to work more and more to rich my goal so my dream would com true.

  3. Something to add to your motivational arsenal:


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