How to look fabulous in a bun (featuring Paula Patton)

Most of the time I have some sort of reality tv show playing as I complete my tasks throughout the day.  One of my go to options is Project Runway.  This morning, I caught up on one of the recent episodes that featured Paula Patton as a guest judge.
I wasn't paying full attention when they first announced her.  At one point, I just so happened to glance at the screen and caught a glimpse of her in a simple bun, wearing all black from head to toe. To me, she looked amazing.  Even in a minimalist outfit and a slicked down bun, she's glowing.

Let's take a few hints from Paula to how to create a beautifully understated glam look that can go from the office to date night or evening out.
A lot of us wear a bun on a regular basis as a way of protecting our length.  But we often don't complete the look in a way that compliments the bun, while allowing our best features to shine.

First things first.  When your hair is pulled back, your skin is the main focus.  You're putting your skin on the forefront so it has to look amazing.  This is when your daily exfoliation routine will be put to the test.  And if you still a have a little more work to do, then make sure you've got an amazing foundation to create the perfect finish.

Then it's all about paying attention to the small details like framing your face with well groomed brows, highlighting the cheeks with a natural tinted blush and creating a soft pink or nude lip.  My favorite thing about wearing buns are pairing the look with what I call "little, big earrings."  Paula's wearing a perfect example of what I mean by "little, big earrings."  Basically they're like oversized studs and they serve as a wonderful statement piece.  And by using large studs, your look is retains a sense of class and elegance.

I love how Paula strategically used a sleeveless turtleneck to elevate her outfit.  If you wear a bun regularly, you should have several of these tops in your closet.  They make you look so put together just by wearing a different type of neckline.  Lastly,  Paula reminds us to play around a little with our part until we find the perfect look.  Don't wear the same bun over and over, alternate between a small center part, side part or no part at all.
These pictures don't really do her justice.  If you want to check out the full episode, and see Paula in action, you can check it out here.

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  1. I like this post. It's hard to jazz up a hairstyle like a bun without coming off matronly. Statement earrings seems to work well. I always wear a a nice hairpiece or fancy banana clip instead of black scrunchies. It jazzes up my boring bun :) I also always wear my pearl earrings, they look nice no matter the hairstyle. You are right about the turtleneck for a bun. I think up hairstlyes like buns and ponytails, look better with certain necklines.


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