Marlo Hampton reminds us to step our hydration game up

One of my favorite Instagram pages to stalk is Marlo Hampton's.  She's one of those fabulous over 40 gals that give me life.  I love how over the top she is when it comes to glamour.  Living vicariously through her travel and outfit choices is my favorite thing to do.  I've often wondered to myself, what does she do to keep her self so flawless?  Having seen her on one episode of Atlanta Housewives, the one thing that struck out to me was how perfect her skin was.   

Of course, I scrolled frantically through her insta posts in search of any of her obvious secrets.  Today, I just so happen to pop into her timeline and notice a little something.  It appears that she recently enjoyed a day at beach.  But what's important is what she make sure to pack.

If you look closely, you'll see how much emphasis is placed on staying hydrated.  The first thing my eyes landed on was the familiar pink and white bottle of Evian Facial Spray (one of my all time favorite products).    I'm sure Marlo is one of those women who mists their face lightly on long flights and at random times throughout the day.  Keeping the surface of the skin moist is crucial and Evain facial spray is one of the easiest ways of doing so.  

The huge coconut is the next thing that caught my eye.  Coconut water is hydration taken to another level.  That's because it's filled with nutrients and electrolytes easily absorbable by the body.  But Ms. Marlo didn't stop there, she also packed a couple of water bottles on ice to sip on throughout the day. 

In a separate post Marlo shared a post workout snack after a six mile walk.  Again, you see a large gallon of water so she can rehydrate after her fitness session.  This is the mark of someone who places a high priority on staying moisturized.   Looks like she's drinking water straight from the gallon instead of messing with those tiny water bottles.  The bigger your water bottle, the more water you're gonna drink.

And let's not forget how much consuming water is good for the figure.   
Marlo Hampton looking amazing at 40+
Celebrities have the difficult job of always having to be camera ready and maintaining perfect skin at all times.  That's probably why they consume so much water.  They can't afford to have dry skin, or suffer from breakouts, etc.  So they do what they gotta do to stay flawless.  If your goal is to be fabulous at all times, drink you 'effing water.

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  1. I know this post is about hydration. But, I just read that Lupita Nyong'o is a 'greaser' too. She loves avocado and kukui oils for her face. My question to you is, can you find out how much water she drinks daily? And what she eats? Her skin is glowing in those Vogue magazine shots that she just did. TIA.

  2. I like this post very much, as I am in a quest to increase my water intake for better health overall. It was very encouraging... and fun :)! Thank you very much!


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