Time to develop your post shower beauty ritual.

Creating a consistent beauty ritual can be a bit daunting.  That's why I love the idea of layering several activities onto what we already do.  Pretty much everyone showers on a daily basis. So creating rituals around the shower routine makes perfect sense.

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So far we've covered ideas on what to do before you get into the shower and how to get beautiful while you bathe.  It's time to talk about how to continue the experience once we step out of the shower.

Winter is around the corner.  Our biggest enemy is the dryness that rob us of our glowing, beautiful skin.  Last year, air drying saved my skin.  Rubbing a dry towel over your skin is not doing you any good.  Yes, air drying does take a bit longer but the results are worth it. Plus it gives you a little time to squeeze in a few other beauty rituals.

While you skin is damp you have the perfect opportunity to sup up your moisture levels.  Applying  lotion, baby oil gel, or body oil while damp will make a world of difference for your skin.  And the great thing is that your skin will drink it up all up leaving you hydrated and moisturized.  Don't forget to apply a little balm while your lips are still damp.

Next we want to layer our fragrance.  Years ago I had a conversation with a worldly woman at a perfume counter. She boasted of visiting perfume houses across the world and helping to formulate fragrances for members of royalty in Europe.  Between her many stories of visiting far off lands, she gave me a brief instruction of how to properly apply perfume.  In her thick British accent, she explained how I needed to start building the fragrance from the bottom up.  The first mist should be somewhere behind the knees, travel to the inner wrists, the back of the neck, behind the earlobes, and a little on the cleavage.  For some, that be too much. So decide which pulse points work best for you.

Now that you're clean, moisturized and smelling delightful, it's the perfect time to commence your feel good routine.  Invest a few minutes to set your perfect mood for the day.  For example today I put on one of my favorite songs and did a quick visualization session where I imagined an ideal version of myself.  Once I was done, I felt uplifted and ready to start my day.  Best of all, it only took a few minutes.  For the rest of the morning, my confidence was high and I was ready to take on the world!

From there, getting ready seems to flow ever so smoothly and the confidence of a well executed morning ritual will carry with you throughout  the day.


  1. I just wanted to say that I absolutely ADORE your blog and the tips and tricks I've learned from reading your posts (I check daily) have been life saving. I would really love a post about your favorite cheap, but effective products. I already know you rave about the Tree Hut Shea Butter Scrub.

  2. I love to air dry when I have the time. It usually happens on the weekends and I love doing it in the summer. I use it as a cool down time.


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