Style Obsession | The TANK DRESS

Last year, I invested some valuable time reorganizing and discarding old clothing using the Marie Kondo method.  My intention was to reduce clutter but little did I know that I would uncover my weird propensity for tank tops.

The more drawers I sorted through, the more tanks I found.  After folding dozens of various tank tops into neat little stacks, I swore to myself (and to a friend via text) that I would never buy another tank for as long as I live.

It's time to take my love of comfy undershirts to a new level.  Last year, I started the transition away from jeans as an every day uniform.  Dresses are just easier to deal with. And, they make you stand out a little bit from the crowd since hardly anyone wears 'em.  So it only makes sense to start forming a collection of amazing, easy to wear tank dresses.

Tank dresses are casual and very not-so casual at the same time.  They require confidence and a bit of boldness.  I love how they create the perfect canvas for us to accessorize in any way we please.  I'll probably match mine up with ultra chunky gold chains, a denim jacket and casual footwear.  Their sleek silhouettes pair perfectly with a dainty cross-body bag, stylish clutch or an oversized tote (as pictured above).

Tank dresses are the most perfect way to keep cool this summer while still appearing feminine and effortless.  I know it's little early to start thinking about tank dress but, let's face it, some of us have to tighten up before rocking a tank dress.  I know I do....which is why I'm already planning my moves.  By this time next month, I hope to have several of these staple pieces in every neutral shade imaginable.

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