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The other day, an image of Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc body oil came across my feed.  I admit, I was tempted to swoop right on over to Sephora's website to immediately close the deal. I'm enamored with the idea of adding shimmering body oil to my everyday routine.

A slight shimmer on the skin is something we should all covet. Light reflection is the epitome of radian, healthy skin.  We should all hope to create natural light reflection through adequate exfoliation.  But couldn't we all use a little extra help?
The woman who considers such things as shimmering skin has risen above the ranks of mediocrity.  Everyone applies lotion, but who among us thinks to showcase their skin in the best light possible?  What if light reflecting skin became part of our new standard of excellence? Radiant, glowing skin transcends the beach.  If done right, you'll always carry the essence of having just returned from an exotic getaway.

Just as we apply shimmer to the high points of our cheeks to create the illusion of a defined bone structure, so we utilize the magic of shimmer to instantly appear more toned and firm.  To create this experience for yourself, one could simply combine an illuminator with your favorite body oil.  The ideal product for this type of thing is MACs Lustre Drops.  Since it's already in liquid form, it blends quite easily with oil.  I love the tiny tip at the end of the bottle that allows for careful application.  The last thing anyone wants to is to go overboard.   Gleam by Melanie Mills was made to create the most flawless glow imaginable.  Simply put, bare skin looks better with it on.  No wonder why celebrities of all skin tones reach for the stuff when competing on Dancing with the Stars.

Although liquid illuminators blend best with your favorite body oil or cream, you could still use a powder bronzer and none would be the wiser.  I actually tested it out yesterday by scraping off a little from my LORAC Tantelizer Baked Bronzer and mixing with oil. A similar result was achieved although it was a bit more work than using a liquid formula.  As an alternative, I tried blending a loose bronzing powder with oil and it worked just as well.

Let's be amazing this summer. Going forward we shall both moisturize and illuminate! Why just show off your skin when you can showcase it?

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  1. As much as I covet anything come forward, I just can't spend $100 on somebody oil. I use the Champney's body Shimmer oil from Walgreens. It's around $11 but looks and feels so good. I've worn it alone and I've also mixed it with my L'Oreal bronzing cream.


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