Monday Motivation | Creating a To-Do list that gives you the lifestyle you want.

Get rid of the "to-do" list and start working from a lifestyle list. 
This morning started pretty much like any other.  Once I got settled in and was ready to work, I pulled out a plain note pad and began writing down the things that needed to get done.

There is nothing wrong with jotting down a list of tasks that require immediate attention.  In fact, whenever I attempt a work day without collecting my thoughts on a list, I'm never sure of how the day will end.  Some times I'm productive, other times not so much. But I can guarantee that if I  utilize a to-do list, my outcomes will be more favorable.

That's all well and good but I realized that there's a huge aspect missing from my simple list of to-dos.  My checklist typically consists of urgent items that need immediate attention.  They're ultimately just a random grouping of one-off tasks.

What's missing is how they link up to my overall goals.  There is a world of difference between checking off urgent tasks and creating an action plan to achieve your desired income.  Ideally, a to-do list should look like a miniature version of your list of goals.  If I have a goal to earn six figures a year, the actions that I do, day in and day out, should ultimately create a six figure outcome.  If I have a goal to earn multiple six figures, then my to-do action list better be very intentional and aligned.
I was operating subconsciously, this morning, when I compiled my list of things to do.  As I checked off the first item, I started feeling really good about my self.  On to the next one! With a smile on my face, I worked quickly to tackle the next item.  That's when it suddenly hit me.  I asked myself, "If I repeated these same actions over and over again, will I easily reach my goal of earning multiple six figures?"  

The answer was clearly "no."  That's when I re-evaluated my list.  There were crucial (high impact) actions missing that I immediately added.  All actions are not created equal. Many of the tasks I typically do are low impact and low value actions.  Some are moderate impact if I do them occasionally, but, if repeated day after day, will compound over time.  Others, are high leverage and have the ability to create massive results.

The lifestyle creation list applies to every single intention we have, not just income goals.  Your fitness goals should be reflected on your to-do list.  Your skin care goals, relationship goals.....anything you want. If it's not written down on your daily action plan, then you aren't getting any closer.  If you diligently apply this single piece of advice and make it a habit, you could really alter the course of 2016 and the years to come.  A to-do list is something you probably do every day anyway, why not make it the most powerful goal achievement tool you have?


  1. This is an interesting concept. Can you share a template of what you included on your list?

  2. Hi Shay,
    In the case of financial goals, I have to identify which types of activities can lead me directly to my goal the fastest. There's a ton of things I can do on any given day but only a few can directly scale my earnings. Those are the types of activities that I need to make sure to include otherwise, I'll continue to produce the same results. For example, marketing activities ranks high on the list as well as creating (content, products, etc).


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