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I've gone and purchased another facial tool.  This one might be one of my all time favorites. It was an impulse purchase made immediately after stumbling upon this short video on Instagram.
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The moment I laid my eyes on this little facial rollers I was enamored.  I wondered if it had any other special qualities beyond the rolling & massaging capabilities.  Turns out that what I was looking at was far superior to any cordless facial tool I've ever known.
What caught my eye was that poster used #microcurrent in her hashtags.  First off, I'm already an avid fan of microcurrent technology.  The more I read up on the beauty routines of various notables, the more I'm seeing microcurrent included as a regular indulgence.

People who are serious about slowing down the aging process know about the wonders of microcurrent technology.  The mild electrical currents stimulate deep layers of the skin to firm muscle, stimulate collagen and promote healthy blood flow.  The end result is a naturally lifted face and healthy complexion.

I actually bought a microcurrent machine a while back after treating myself to a couple of the facials.  My machine is great, but it's bulky and sometimes I don't feel pulling it out of the closet and going through that whole ordeal.  I needed something small and handled.  And this Insta-video contained the answer to all of my prayers.  The tool in question is the Re Fa S Carat.  It's a small facial roller that uses solar (or light) energy to generate low levels of electricity.  A mild current is absorbed into the skin during the facial massage.   Not only does your skin get to enjoy the benefits of microcurrent, it also experiences lymphatic drainage and massage.  It's like three treatments in one.

I should mention that the flashing light you see in the video is exaggerated.  There aren't any bolts of electricity flying off the device as you roll it over your skin.  Nor is there any flashing.

After a little research, I took the plunge. But instead of getting the Re Fa Carat, I purchased a lower priced alternative.  That way, if it didn't work, I wouldn't have invested much.  The shipment came in the mail yesterday and I immediately tore the packaging to shreds before revealing my new little facial buddy.  I looked around for where to insert batteries then remembered that it's solar powered.  By the way, it doesn't require actual sunlight to operate properly, any light source will do.  There's a little solar panel on top of the device that they tell you not to cover with your hands. Covering it will prevent the electrical current from generating.  I thought the device would vibrate or something but, no.  It's a completely manual process.

As I rolled the gadget over my face, I could feel my skin being lifted as it fit in between the two roller balls.  I loved the massage aspect but I began to wonder if this tool was actually providing my skin with any microcurrent. Then I went online and learned of a simple test to see if the machine was actually emitting electrical waves.  First I pulled out my Ipad.  Then I grabbed a random object (a lipstick tube) to try to activate the touch screen.  Nothing happened.  Then I repeated the same action with the facial massager.  The massager was able to communicate with my Ipad in the same way as if I were touching it myself.  Touch screen technology is powered by the electrical currents we give off from our bodies. All the inanimate objects I tested failed to activate my Ipad, but my facial roller worked every time.
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My mind was now at ease knowing that this roller could be impacting my face in a more powerful way than any other facial roller I own.  I'm so pleased with it that I've decided to make the investment and purchase a Re Fa Carat (for real this time).  One thing I notice is that the round heads of the Carat roll much more fluidly than the one I own.  Plus, I'd like to have the ability to use both rollers at once (like in the vid) so I can save a little time.

I should mention that these rollers can also be used on the body for lymphatic drainage and for skin tightening purposes.  There are even larger versions of these rollers that work well both on the face and body.

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