[Try This] The Layering Technique That Takes Your Highlight to the Next Dimension.

A little while ago, I shared a lash magnifying trick from a world renown makeup artist. Pat McGrath has decades of experience in the world of high fashion.  Her makeup looks have been featured on countless runways and editorials.

When Pat announced the launch of her own makeup line in 2015, anticipation was at an all-time high Shortly after the launch, everything sold out. I'm just now learning about Pat and her contribution to the beauty industry.   The instant I learned of Pat's Skin Fetish highlighter kits, I wanted one.  But since they were all sold out, I tried to be patient and wait for the next release.

Once again, I'm too little too late.   This morning I learned that Pat released her coveted highlighter kits on March 3rd (just two days ago). When I rushed to her website this morning, they were already gone.  Maybe a year from now she might release Skin Fetish again.  But until then, I'm determined to create a DIY workaround that produces similar results.
There are a billion highlighters and bronzers on the market.  Why does Pat's kit keep selling out so quickly?  It's because Skin Fetish creates such a natural highlight.  It helps you mimic the look of dewy/glowy skin.  Skin Fetish takes your highlight to the next dimension.

Check out this quick video to see exactly what I'm talking about.

Skin Fetish is actually a kit that contains 3 items.
// A Stick Highlighter + Balm Duo
// A Buffer Brush
// Pressed Pigment Powder (highlighter)

First, you apply the balm to the high points of your cheeks, upper eyelid, cupid's bow, etc.  Next, we use the highlighter side of the stick to accentuate where the light hits the face.  For a more intense look, you apply pigment powder.  In the final step, you can seal the completed look with a tiny bit more balm.  This softens the finish so it doesn't look like you just put sparkly powder on your face.  You can play around with the layering technique.  Balm first then highlighter or vice versa.

Or just use the balm alone if you wanna rock a glossy nude face.  The complete set normally retails for around $73.00.  You can easily find a few kits on Ebay for an over inflated price.  I can't bring myself to pay the extra markup so we're just gonna have to improvise.

Currently, the closest thing I could find to the balm/highlighter duo is Glossier's Haloscope.  Haloscope combines both balm & highlighter into one.  This makes it super convenient. But, to be honest with you, it doesn't produce the same level of dewiness as Skin Fetish can.   Pat's idea to separate the two steps makes sense.  The woman knows what she's doing.
If we want to recreate a similar result, we too must experiment with highlighter layering.

Recently, I picked up NYX's All Over Balm.  It's the perfect multi-purpose product that I recommend to everyone.  You can use it to moisturize your lips, on dry hands, or as a face balm.   I had the pleasure of playing around with layering NYX's balm and highlighter.  I mimicked Pat's technique of  highlighter then balm.  The results were magical.

In Pat's words "on the skin, the balm gives you that wonderful, gorgeous, sheer, kind of transparent glow."  That's exactly what I experienced.  The glow was transparent, it looked like my skin, only better.  Layering changes everything and the final look is perfect for summer.

*waits patiently for next Skin Fetish release.*

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  1. Hey if you follow Pat on Instagram she also released some more with Sephora online. I ordered mine and I just checked the site again and Golden is still there but Nude sold out.


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