How I came to believe that I could earn a $10,000 a month

Many years ago, I had a conversation with my brother in which I asked him to imagine what it would feel like to earn $10,000 a month.  I could see the expression on his face change as he tried to imagine the scenario.  He struggled mightily.  After a few moments of quiet and discomfort, he finally admitted that it was nearly impossible for him to imagine earning this much money a month.

Recently, I asked a few of my friends the same question.  Everyone I ask has difficulty picturing themselves earning this type of income.  I did one point.  Whenever I tried to imagine the scenario, my mind drew a blank.  That's when I realized that this was a huge part of the problem.  My mind kept shutting down because it didn't believe in such a scenario actually becoming a reality.

As long as my mind couldn't picture it, I knew I would never experience it.

Every single goal we desire is something we don't yet have.  Some of them are more believable than others.  You might notice that the more believable they are, the easier it is to manifest.  Manifesting a parking space is "easier" than manifesting $1,000.  Why, because we can easily picture stumbling on the perfect parking space at the right time.  But when we think about where $1,000 will come from, we can't imagine it.  Or when we think about launching a six-figure business, we hesitate.

When our minds accept our goals as achievable, the road to get there becomes so much easier.

Although I didn't exactly know how to earn $10,000 a month, I was certain that I had to become very comfortable with the idea.

My first instinct was to look for people who had reached that level income.  I didn't know anyone in real life. Luckily for us, there are tons of examples online.  If your goal is to start a business, get out of debt, or travel the world, surround yourself with people who have gone through the same journey.

When I decided to quit my job a couple of years ago, I had such a hard time making the decision.  Quitting my comfy job was the scariest thing I had ever imagined doing.  I couldn't bring myself to do it until I dedicated hours of my time reading about and listening to stories of countless individuals who left their jobs to pursue their dreams.  By the time I sat in my boss' office to inform her of the news, I was 100% certain of my decision.  I went from being afraid to leave my job to giving my resignation with a huge smile on my face.

I've implemented the same strategy to convince my mind to believe in earning over $10,000 a month. It's a gradual process so I'm patient with myself.  I understand that resistance will rear its ugly head but I push through until the idea of earning that amount of money is not only believable but actually expected.  Once my belief got to the right level, taking the right action was so much easier.

When I think about the other goals I want to reach, before I even come up with a plan of action, I start working on ways to increase how much I believe this can actually happen.  I need to enlist the help of my mind power.  Otherwise, the right ideas (and action) don't flow.

My challenge for you is this:  play around with the idea of actually living out your goal versus admiring it from afar.  Get so familiar with it that it actually feels real.  Sometimes we idolize our goals so much that we are actually separating ourselves from it.  Stop seeing yourself as separate from your goal and start believing.


  1. Love this article - Have been reading the blog for a few months now and it's always so inspiring.

  2. Honestly $10,000 per month isn't far fetched or a stretch at all to believe in. Many 1 and 2 income households earn this amount and more. In my opinion this depending on the region in which you live this isn't a lot of money at all. There are also a great many professions that easily yield $150,000 or more per year. These people are so much closer than many of us realize which can make believing its possibility easier.

  3. I cannot tell you much this inspired me. Okay, so for me I've always been blessed to live pretty comfortably but this? This hit the nail on the head. As a young adult with big dreams I often day dream about maybe one day I've have that beautiful condo with a view, hubby by my side without having to worry about any bills. It's crazy how much we find ourselves, not on purpose of course, pushing away our dreams. For me I've very much romanced the idea of maybe one day I will be there. It's like you say though, so easy to imagine it. Harder is finding a way to make it reality and really find that ladder to climb on up to your lofty dreams. I can't tell you how glad I am that I stubbled on this post and I'm going to save it and try to come back to it when I lose myself.



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