Is Pine Cone Extract the Key to having Toned, Firm Skin?

I'm sure 100% of us would all agree that if we could prevent or avoid sagging skin, we would.  Firm, taut skin is the epitome of youth.   Modern cosmetic science has a myriad of ways to address sagging skin from surgery to fillers and everything in between.

But Japanese researchers seemed to have uncovered an all-natural alternative that may hold the key to firming skin.
Asians are obsessed with longevity and preserving youth for as long as possible.  Koreans have basically mastered cosmetic surgery procedures that actually makes the client look younger.  The Japanese have an unusually high aging population.  They have a greater number of elderly than any other country in the world.  Their unusually high life expectancy is one reason for this shift in demographics.  And, since many of the elderly have disposable income, the demand for anti-aging products and technology is through the roof.

Recently, Shiseido teamed up with a Japanese research institute to find a secret weapon against aging skin.  After searching for the root cause, they learned that they underlying key to healthy, young skin is proper lymphatic function.  Your lymphatic network is an organized system that carries lymph fluid (water, cells, proteins), waste and nutrients between your tissues and bloodstream.

As we age, our lymphatic vessels become frail.  When that happens, "nutrients aren't able to spread to every corner of the skin." Cells need nutrients in order to flourish.  Without proper nutrition, everything starts to decline.  The Japanese research team challenged the traditional notion that a decline in collagen is the sole reason for skin aging.  Their theory is that skin will sag when lymphatic function is impaired which leads to stored fat beneath the surface of the skin.

One solution came from an unlikely source. They discovered that extracts from pine cones mimic a naturally occurring peptide that enhances the function of lymphatic vessels.  A two-month trial was conducted using pine cone extract and they saw an improvement in neck sagging along with minimized wrinkles around the face and mouth.

After a quick search, I learned that pine cone extract is really a thing.  But since the article I read didn't go into the detail into exactly how the extract was used, I started thinking of alternatives.

The study probably involved elderly participants.  But while we're still young, we can implement habits that promote a healthy lymphatic system for as long as we live. I've already compiled a mental list of things to do to promote a healthy lymph.

The first option that came to mind was skin brushing.  Basically, you stimulate circulation using one of these nifty body brushes.  You brush in a certain direction so it activates your lymph.  Some say that you're moving toxins away from the tissues to where it can be properly disposed.  Not to mention that skin brushing helps improve cellulite on the back of the thighs while exfoliating the skin.

I also love lymphatic facial massage to target the muscles of the face.  I'll always recommend Tanaka Massage at every chance I get.  The majority of our lymph muscles are located on the sides of our neck. With this massage, we move all of the toxins and fluid away from our face and towards our lymph.  You can probably notice a difference within the first couple of times you try it.

Lastly, the most powerful exercise you can do to activate your lymphatic system is bouncing on a mini-trampoline.  Our lymph is stimulated by the repetitive up and down motion.   Best of all, you're stimulating your ENTIRE lymph at once.  Other exercises that involve up/down movement (like jump roping) works but rebounding feels so much better on the body.  When I rebound regularly, I notice a huge difference in the tone of my body.  Especially in the back of my legs.   It's weird but I also notice a slight toning in my face as well.

I have to come clean and admit that I fell off my rebounding ritual.   But after reading how valuable the lymphatic system is to the role of anti-aging, I'm once again recommitted.  I remember that it didn't' take long to notice a difference.  A 15-minute bounce session daily was enough to create positive benefits.    Since lymph vessels are located all over our entire body, keeping our lymph healthy could mean that we can maintain toned skin all over.  I'm all for that.


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