This Simple At-Home Treatment Will Remove Your Stretch Marks & Body Scars

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The other day I was watching one of my favorite reality shows.  There was a scene where two of the main characters enjoyed a day of beauty treatments.  Instead of enjoying a leisurely massage, they opted for a more aggressive option.

While laying face down, the two women endured a full body micro needling treatment. By the time the session was over, their entire bodies were red with all the blood flow.  My first instinct was to cringe at how much pain they had to endure.  Then I wondered why they would even do micro needling over their entire bodies.
Honestly, it doesn't really make sense.  While needling the entire body probably is inefficient, I could see using micro needling in a targeted way to address concerns on the body.   Scar tissue is stubborn and rigid.  You can just get rid of it with topical treatments.  We develop scars because of trauma to the skin and the subsequent healing process.  The problem is that scars aren't made up of the same tissue as our skin. Scar tissue is inferior to our normal skin because it's composition is a bit different.  It's not meant to function like "normal skin," it's meant to protect against infection and further injury.

But, with "very minor lesions,"  the body uses normal skin for wound repair.  And that's the magic of micro needling.  It creates lots of micro trauma forcing it to have to repair itself with new skin as if nothing ever happened.  With scar treatments, fading isn't the right approach. We should want to regenerate the skin and that's exactly what micro needling does.

I have one of the nifty little at home derma rollers.  But I haven't put them to use ever since I started going in for professional treatments.  After watching those ladies try body needling, I could see myself using the at home device for some trouble areas like the horizontal lines around my neck and to diminish old scars.

Other ways to incorporate body needling included fading of stretch marks and for skin tightening purposes.  If you have excessive stretch marks from having a baby or rapid weight loss/gain, micro needling might be a low cost easy option that actually works.

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