3 Ways I'll Incorporate Activated Charcoal into my Daily Beauty Routine

Skin Care
I've been aware of the many benefits of activated charcoal for years.  But I experiment with lots of products so I put charcoal on the backburner.  Today, I happened to stumble of Biore's Deep Pore Charcoal cleanser.  I wanted to try it so bad.

But instead pulling out my credit card, I came up with a better solution.  That moment I realized that I could use charcoal in multiple ways in my everyday beauty routine.
I could integrate activated charcoal into my routine with the greatest of ease.  All I had to do is sprinkle a tiny pinch of charcoal to my cleanser which would instantly increase its deep cleansing potential.  As you know, charcoal unmatched when it comes to its ability to trap and remove toxins.
When I brush my teeth, I add another pinch to use as an all natural whitener. I've heard the claims of charcoal's teeth whitening power for years but I've never used it consistently enough to find out.  Even if it doesn't whiten as well as commercial products, I'm more interested in the detoxing properties of charcoal.  Perhaps adding a tiny bit of charcoal cleans your mouth just a tad bit better than with toothpaste alone.  I'm all for it.
A couple times a week I like to mask.  Right now I'm really into mud masks, but who says that I can't add a little charcoal to the mix for a deeper detox?  It would only take a few extra seconds.  Since charcoal is, like, the greatest detoxifier of all time, I want it working hard on my pores.

Lastly, before jumping in the shower, maybe I do a charcoal underarm mask one or more times a week.  If you recall, adding a little charcoal paste to your underarms might not only detox your pits but also lighten them.  Again, I'm not sure how effective this is because I've only tried it one or twice myself.  But if I were to layer in activated charcoal to the activities that I do every, who knows what benefits could be had.

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  1. Great post!! I alternate between bamboo charcoal and coconut charcoal. I make my own mask combining charcoal, bentonite clay and acv or water. At night brush with charcoal and in the morning oil pull with coconut oil..


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