Is This Alternative Facial Treatment The All Natural Replacement to Botox & Fillers?

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Yesterday, I stopped by local skin spa for another B12 shot.  While waiting for my appointment, I had a  conversation with another patient.  After communicating for a little while, we realized that we both shared a love for micro needling.  I've received multiple needling treatments and can confidently say that micro-needling was one of the best decisions I've made.

This whole idea of leveraging needles to promote collagen production is quite fascinating. Something magical happens when the skin experiences microtrauma. This mild trauma kicks off a healing and repair process that produces healthy, younger looking skin.  

Today I'm here to bring you yet another treatment that may produce similar results with less trauma.
Gwen Stefani @ 47 years old
You've all heard of this procedure before, it's acupuncture.  But did you know that acupuncture can be an integral part of your anti-aging beauty routine?   I started looking into this after researching the beauty regimen of Gwen Stefani.  The woman is nearly 50 years old yet still could pass for someone decades younger.

When I try to uncover someone's beauty ritual, I have to sift through lots of articles that don't really reveal their true rituals.

But with Gwen, I learned that she maintains an almost daily ritual of acupuncture treatments.  Gwen is so consistent with her acupuncture that you can find countless paparazzi pics of her leaving her daily appointments.   Acupuncture started off as a therapeutic treatment for Gwen's pregnancy-related migraines.   But these sessions became a permanent part of her life long after migraines subsided.

I'm going to create a wild theory.  Part of me believes that Gwen is the recipient of the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture.  The experience of the microtrauma combined with her dedication to receiving this treatment every day could play a huge role in the fact that she practically looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago.

Take a look at this testimony from a happy camper who's tried cosmetic acupuncture for herself:
First I should say I am a believer in acupuncture having used in it the past to relieve pain from a sports injury. After a move and an emotionally tough 4 years, my face needed a refresh. I had tried fillers and botox, and while I liked the results, I did not like how quickly the fillers effects faded. The cost of the facial acupuncture is about the same cost of the fillers, so I decided to try. 
I do not have alot of fine lines and my skin is in pretty good shape, but I do have deep forehead lines, sagging skin, dark circles under my eyes, and a couple of concave scars on my cheeks. I really didn't think acupuncture would do much for the scarring, as other treatments have failed, but I did hope it would help with the other issues. I noticed after the first two treatments that sagging in the tear trough area was virtually gone.  
After 5 treatments my face under my cheeks that had lost volume were plumping, and the scars on my cheeks now flush with the surrounding skin. My frown lines are no longer a constant scowl, but not frozen either, the effect I noticed with botox. 
After 6 treatments, I am very happy with the results. I intend to continue with twice weekly treatments until I reach 10, then move to maintenance treatments.
I dunno about you, but this treatment seems pretty promising.  Unlike micro needling, cosmetic acupuncture seems like a less traumatic approach. Once the needles are lightly inserted into the skin, you allow them to work their magic below the skin's layer.  And unlike micro needling, cosmetic acupuncture can address other signs of aging like dark under eye circles and skin sagging. A few testimonials I read online said that acupuncture actually helped keep their acne breakouts away.   Best of all, you'll still get that healthy glow but without the downtime associated with micro needling.

I've already experienced the wonders of micro needling first hand. So I have no reservations about jumping head first into cosmetic acupuncture.   Maybe Gwen's daily acupuncture treatments have nothing to do with her ageless visage, but something tells me that it's more than just a coincidence.

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