[Try This] Laura's Single Ingredient Mask that'll Save Your Skin this Winter

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Actress Laura Harrier is an up and coming actress who made her box office debut in this summer's Spider Man movie.   Her next project is an HBO original (Fahrenheit 451) where she'll star opposite of Michael B. Jordan.  Not only is Laura a bona fide movie star, she's also a model who's graced the pages of Elle, Cosmo, and Vogue.   Laura is truly living her best life.

You all know that whenever someone pops on the scene, I'm always curious to learn about their beauty rituals.  Luckily for us, Laura gave an interview where she reveals the cleansing mask that keeps her skin hydrated and acne free.

Laura sat down with the editors at Violet Grey to discuss everything from her upcoming projects to her favorite spot in L.A.  But no interview would be complete without probing into the beauty routines that have made the most impact.  Laura's a low maintenance type of girl with the most simple of rituals.

One thing she has going for her is having a friend who's also her esthetician.   This friend shares Laura's belief in relying on simple, natural products to enhance the skin.  Which is why Laura has ditched traditional cleansers for manuka honey.  If you're not familiar with manuka honey, you're in for a treat.

Manuka honey isn't your typical, run of the mill honey.  That's because it's sourced from bees who forage tea trees in Australia.  As some of you may know, tea tree oil is a powerful weapon in the war against acne and other skin ailments.   When you combine the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties with the moisturizing, soothing nature of honey, you get an amazing skin product.

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Laura's completely sold on the power of Manuka Honey hence the reason why she actually cleanses with it.  I've never thought about using it as a cleanser but I guess it makes sense if you have sensitive, acne prone skin.  It probably won't deep clean like your other cleansers so you might have to do a 2-step cleansing routine.

Honey is acidic. Our skin loves acidic products because it helps calm it down.  Not only is it pH balanced, but manuka also has acne fighting properties.  When you layer on the ultra-moisturizing properties, you have a recipe for a potentially amazing hydrating cleansing mask.  I've cleansed/masked with honey in the past.  My skin absolutely loved it.  Not only did the honey soothe and calm my face, it hydrated my skin so well and always left behind the most natural glow.  Laura's interview reminded me that I absolutely have to bring honey masking back for fall and winter.

If you aren't keen on cleansing with honey alone, you can start by adding some honey to your clay mask concoctions. That's how I got into it.  After adding honey to my Aztec mask recipes (and loving the results), I decided to go all in and try honey alone.  Best decision ever. Thank you, Laura, for reminding us of how amazing honey masking can be.

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