Body Shop Created the Ultimate Sunscreen for Fall.May Your Skin Glow All Year Long.

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Earlier this year I received a package of selected products from The Body Shop.  After inspecting the various items, I immediately reached for the charcoal mask.  As you know, I was quite smitten with this perfect dupe for GlamGlow.

The mud mask wasn't the only item I loved.  There was a small tube of vitamin C sunscreen that peaked my interest.  After my first application, I closely inspected my skin and concluded that this was the ultimate winter sunscreen.
I've been waiting for the day when I could transition this antioxidant sunscreen into my daily routine.  When it's hot out, I look for a sunscreen that doesn't have too many bells & whistles.  I don't want it to over hydrate, I don't want it to leave a white cast, I don't want it to do anything else than protect and maybe add a mattifying effect.

This sunscreen does the exact opposite.  It's ultra hydrating, loaded with skin loving vitamin C and (best of all) it leaves my skin with the most amazing glow.    It's exactly what we need in fall and winter.   The product description of this citrus scented sunscreen claims that it'll brighten the skin as it protects.  I like the sound of that.  As you may know, a quality vitamin C serum is said to help diminish discoloration.  Not to mention that sunscreen also helps promote even toned skin.  Both of them combined could mean something wonderful for those of us with acne scar concerns.

I classify The Body Shop's Glow Protection Lotion as one of those amazing products that provides multiple benefits.  It hydrates as well as any moisturizer while protecting the skin. This protection lotion leaves absolutely no white cast. But the selling point of Body Shop's Glow Lotion is how it covers your skin with this amazing glow.  That's exactly what we need when the air is dry.

The last thing I ever expected to provide a glow is my sunscreen.  But, aside from Missha's Facial Mist, this is the probably the only other product I have that gives an "instant glow effect."  The glow also lasts longer.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to put on sunscreen but this is a product I actually want to wear because of the way it enhances.  Not only does it help my skin look healthier on contact, it's also improving brightness in the long run.


  1. Ooooo I'll have to try that! I was just going to buy a regular vitamin C oil and then wear it under sunscreen lol

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