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Because it's Fashion Week in New York, a bunch of models are coming out of the wood work with tips on how they get ready for the biggest fashion event of the year.  I checked out a recent article where the interviewer asked a slew of models to share one skin tip.

I casually read through the various pieces of advice but it wasn't until I stumbled on one model in particular that I stopped and took notice.

The woman's skin was absolutely glowing.  Of all the models interviewed, she appeared to have the healthiest skin of all. What was her secret?
Her one piece of advice was something we've probably all heard before (especially if you frequent this site).  It's a ritual that I was so passionate about that I spent quite a bit of money so I could have unlimited access to it anytime.
(Bibi showing off her glowing skin)
Model, Bibi Sharipova has quite an extensive resume of runway appearances and magazine covers.  She's been blessed with a bone structure that most of us would kill for.  As a high fashion model, Bibi often wears minimal makeup to ensure that the clothes are the main focus.  But honestly, her skin is so striking that it sometimes steals the show.

Heck, her skin even caught the attention of Shiseido who featured her in an advertisement for their world renowned products.  So what's her one healthy skin tip?  Did Bibi proclaim her love for a multi-step daily skin ritual?


The routine that Bibi swears by are regular visits to the sauna.  Here's what she told an interviewer at a recent show backstage.

"I spend a lot of time in the sauna. I go once a week, and that's the number one tip I can give to any girl. It helps keep my skin clear, especially because at shows they use a lot of makeup on me." 

Clear skin is one thing, but glowing skin is something completely different.  Sauna sessions detox the skin on a deeper level (especially infrared saunas).  This produces effortlessly clear skin.  The origin story of my love for saunas began many years ago.  I joined a local gym that had both a sauna and a steam room.  For the longest time, I never stepped in the sauna.  Then, one day, I looked in the mirror and noticed that my acne was completely out of control.

Obviously, my products weren't working so I had to try something different.  Like Bibi, I committed to regular visits to the sauna.  A short time later, my skin was clear. The only thing I did differently was sweat for a few minutes a day.  Once I experienced the wonders of infrared saunas and how they offer an even "deeper detox,"  I was sold.  Investing in an at-home unit was a dream of mine.  But, as time passed, I used it less frequently. Especially during the hot summers.  But, as fall & winter approaches, I plan on taking my sauna regimen seriously.

If you're tired of spending oodles of money on products in search of glowing skin. I urge you to try something different.  A few visits to the sauna may do more for you than anything you've already tried.  Plus it's an amazing act of self-care.  Not to mention the slew of other benefits like increased circulation which will help keep your hair thriving during the slow growing months.


  1. I noticed a difference when I went a couple times. Too bad I can't purchase one of my own! I would live in it. Lol

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Bought a $200+ portable one from Amazon which, initially, I used regularly. Haven't used for over a year.

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