[Wash Day Project] It's Time to Get Serious About Your Scalp.

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With fall so close on the horizon, I'm frantically thinking ahead of all the ways I can prepare for a successful fall/winter season.  The biggest woe I face every year is a dry, itchy scalp.  But it goes beyond that.  The flakier my scalp is, the more my hair sheds.  The more shedding, the more tangles.  Tangles rob us of length and I'm not trying to deal with that this year.

When I think back to all the remedies that worked in the past, on the top of the list were scalp rinses. Shame on me for not paying much attention to my scalp this past summer.  But it's time to get serious again and I know just where to start.
To keep the scalp happy, we start with trying to create the right pH balance.  If you're experiencing more shedding, flaking, and dryness than you're comfortable with, chances are your scalp is in need of some TLC.  When I first started caring for my scalp, I reached for the obvious choice, apple cider vinegar.  ACV is highly acidic which helps it to quickly balance our scalp.

I'm ready to jump on the ACV bandwagon again. But this time I plan on spicing it up a bit.  For instance, Hawaiin Silky created a rinse that consists of ACV, aloe vera juice, and various natural extracts.  They even took it a step further to incorporate castor oil which is known for its hair growth stimulating properties.  According to the product description, and one reviewer with 4C hair, this vinegar rinse does an awesome job at detangling.  I'm definitely picking this up.

I also want to play around with creating my own DIY version.  I think I'd incorporate a few essential oils like peppermint (which has been proven to stimulate hair growth) and perhaps a couple of drops tea tree. Maybe I'll throw in a pinch of activated charcoal for deep cleansing.  I like the idea of diluting the ACV with aloe vera juice instead of water because aloe vera is still acidic (vs H20 which is neutral).  This'll help your mixture maintain its low pH.  I may even experiment with adding some green or bamboo tea to boost nutrients & stimulate the hair follicle.  Since our hair growth rate will be taking a nose dive over the next several months, we might as well do something to help keep the scalp stimulated.

The strategy this year is not to wait until things get bad to start taking action. The scalp detoxing process starts now.

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