Rihanna's FENTY Beauty is coming, girlies. Are you ready?

Celebrity makeup launches aren't that exciting anymore.  MAC pioneered the celebrity inspired makeup craze and the rest was history.  How many Snap stories have you seen where some pseudo-celebrity is swiping self-branded lip colors on their inner forearm?

It's kinda the norm now.  But, this month, a new line is set to enter the market and it's one of the most highly anticipated makeup launches for women of color (WOC).
Rihanna, queen of always looking flawless, is releasing FENTY beauty this fall.  I'm excited about this launch for so many reasons.  First, and foremost, I admire Rihanna's approach to makeup.  She's been on the scene for a while now and, over the years, her makeup has remained fairly consistent.

Rihanna rocks timeless looks that always flatters.  She doesn't experiment much with the beauty trends that we see pop up on Instagram.  Let's face it, some of those looks are ok for social media but they make no sense in real life. Rihanna believes in accentuating her features, not overpowering them.  I'm confident that her makeup line will represent her philosophy.

Today FENTY beauty released a glimpse of what we all have to look forward to.  The video featured various women in a multitude of skin tones, wearing understated makeup that looks amazing.  Can I just tell you how excited I am that she's bringing back the glossy lip?

The FENTY makeup collection launches officially on September 8th via FENTYbeauty.com and on Sephora.  Both websites are collecting emails so you can be notified when the products go live.  As we all know, these items are probably going to sell out on day 1 so make sure you sign up.

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