Fall Hair Growth | Peppermint Oil Proven to Grow Hair faster than Minoxidil

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The cooler months are creeping up on us.  This time of year always brings with it the awareness that changes in our hair will soon take place.  More specifically, this is when the rate of our hair growth starts to slow down.  So we gotta start thinking and acting fast!  It's time to kick off our growth promotion strategies so we can reach our hair goals by end of year.

Today I introduce to you an ally in the war to promote hair growth.  This product is no stranger to us on the blog.  In fact, I've talked incessantly on essential oils in the past.  But this time, I came with receipts.  After doing a little research online I stumbled on a study conducted that details the impact of peppermint oil on hair growth.

The study was done on mice who were shaved using an animal clipper.  Once shaved, the experimenters applied topical solutions of saline, jojoba oil, monoxidil, and a blend of peppermint/jojoba oil (3% peppermint oil).  They took progress pics of the mice each week for four weeks total.   Starting week 2, they noted a rapid increase in hair growth in the mice treated with peppermint/jojoba oil blend over the other groups.  At week 4, the peppermint oil group demonstrated a regrowth percentage of 92% compared to the minoxidil group which measured a 55% regrowth.  They even noticed an increase in thickness in the epidermis.  I associate a thick epidermis with healthy hair growth.  Notice how those who suffer from thinning hair sometimes have thinner skin in the scalp area.

So what does this all mean for us?  How do we incorporate peppermint oil into our regimen in a way that makes sense?  For me, the easiest way to incorporate essential oils is to blend it with a scalp healthy carrier oil.  In my case, this means coconut oil.  Because it's absorbed by the hair and scalp, I don't have to worry about my scalp getting too greasy with regular application.  Jojoba oil, in my case, might be too heavy to be applied to the scalp on a daily basis.   I also appreciate that the "hair growth" solution only called for 3% peppermint oil.

In the past, I've gone a little overboard with eucalyptus oil and ended up smelling like a medicine cabinet (or somebody's grandma).  This year, I'll tone it down a bit knowing that even a small percentage of essential oils is powerful enough to create awesome results.  Another way love to use essential oil (EO) is right before the wash.  While I prepoo, I add a little EO to promote scalp stimulation and (hopefully) loosen any build up.  I'm sure all that tingling causes my hair follicles to come alive!

If peppermint oil isn't part of your toolkit, then get on the ball!  A healthy stimulated scalp can help curb fall shedding which means fewer tangles and greater retention.  That is what everyone wants. Don't let another week go by without adding peppermint oil to your arsenal.


  1. My inner PJ rejoices every time you do a product review/recommendation...lol! *adds to Hair wishlist on Amazon*

  2. Would this be better than rosemary?

  3. We can't forget to sleep in The 'Little' Silk Hair Cap of 100% Silk Charmeuse. Silk is a protein like our hair and helps the moisture of the oils to penetrate, assisting in hair growth. Lynischic International makes the best silk hair caps ever!

  4. Jojoba mimics the sebum from our scalp, you might want to consider it.


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