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It's been a while since I've stumbled on a deep conditioner that I loved enough to graduate to staple status.  After falling in madly love with Kerastase and Kanechom, I thought I was set.  But a series of recent events led me to the discovery of a new brand and I'm grateful for the wonderful twist of fate.

It all began after I started using Keratin Hair Botox.  For some reason, my hair seemed to respond really well to keratin protein so I started innocently looking around for a conditioner fortified with keratin to how my hair responded.
Then I stumbled on Keratinex Hair Mask, a Dominican brand that I never heard of.  At first I was just a bit curious. But when I looked a bit closer, I discovered that the label boasted of both keratin and Omega 3!  Ok.....sounds good so far, but what about the reviews?  Unfortunately, because this is such an unknown brand, there weren't that many available.

The price wasn't unreasonable so I took the plunge.

Upon my initial inspection of the packaging the first thing I noticed was the lid which flips open for easy access. I've never seen anything like this below.  The flip-top feature is quite handy for adding conditioner boosters like Pure Protein, silk amino acids, or whatever.  The flip top also provides easy access for dipping in my Sprush.
I was sold on Keratinex the moment I glided my fingers along the rim of the lid.  The texture was so smooth and creamy....ultra hydrating like my beloved Kanechom.  The biggest difference I see between the two is that Keratinex seems to have a little more substance.  I really do feel the impact of the omega 3 extract, lactic acid, panthenol and hydrolized keratin.   I don't feel as much need to fortify Keratinex with conditioner boosters as I do with my other products. It's like a fortifying and  hydrating conditioner all in one.   I still add boosters from time to time, but for the most part, Keratinex is capable of conditioning my hair on its own.
So far, I've repurchased multiple times.  On wash day, I tend to reach for Keratinex over the myriad of other options I have at my disposal.  My only gripe was that I wish they sold it in larger sizes.  Because of my heavy-handedness, I now purchase these two at a time.  Sometimes, I'll create larger batches by blending it with Kanechom's Shea Butter (my other fave).

 I like this brand so much that I went ahead and grabbed their leave-in moisturizer.  Although I haven't used the moisturizer much lately, it came in quite handy during month 5 of my most recent stretch.

This conditioner has been really good to me which is why it'll forever be a staple.  But you know me....I still have my eye on one more conditioner that I've been dying to try out.  It's a bit more pricey but I just have to experience it.  Once this conditioner is in my clutches, I'll do full review.


  1. I saw this here in miami on saturday, the store had huge boxes of them and was selling for $3 each. A steal! may go back and buy


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