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I've been pretty much obsessed with sheet masks ever since my first life changing experience.  Should have left well enough alone, but the obsessive part of me just wouldn't abide.  Instead, I dove head first into the vastness of the internet to uncover what other sheet mask related details I could find.

Little did I know that I would discover a product that could positively impact my hair journey.  Once the face sheet craze began to take effect, other hydration creating masks began to emerge. Including those for eyes, lips, fingers and even hair.  A sheet mask for hair?  Tell me more...

Well, it's more like a pouch for the ponytail.  The "Hair Pack" is saturated with hair friendly ingredients such as hydrolyzed soy protein, natural plant extracts, hair nourishing oils, collagen and even royal jelly.  All one has to do is place the pouch over a ponytail and go on about their day as the ingredients work their magic.  Minutes later, you remove the pouch and, if every thing went according to plan, your ends are hydrated, smooth and nourished.
If you are as eager to get your hands on one of these as I am, you'll have to wait a little longer.  As hard as I tried, I couldn't find any that were available for purchase in the states.  But don't worry your pretty little head.  I think these Korean Hair Packs are perfect inspiration for a DIY project.  In fact,  you may be saying to yourself, this is very similar to the baggie method.  And you're right!  The only difference is, in the Korean Hair Pack, the ingredients saturate the inside of the bag (I'm guessing).  Also, the Korean Hair Pack seems to have a more complex ingredient list.
Korean Hair Pack before and after pics
With the baggie method, we apply moisture and oil to the ends then use the plastic bag to help seal all that good stuff in.  I discovered the Korean Hair Pack over the weekend and immediately remembered to reinstitute the long forgotten baggie method.  To keep it simple, I just misted my ends with a little water, then added moisturizer, Gleau oil and proceeded to do random stuff around the house.  As expected, my hair responded extremely well.  Since then, I've made a habit of conducting a baggie ritual at least once a day.  Can you imagine how much value this method can bring us during the cold winter months?

Quick tip, I've been using a small bag from a past Ulta purchase.  This bag is much thicker than your typical grocery plastic bag.  It seems to have a great effect on my results.

Although the original baggie method is working well for me, my heart still longs to try one of those fancy Korean Hair Packs just to see what it's like.   Actually, what I plan to do is experiment with one of my hydrating sheet masks by wrapping it around a small section of hair then covering in saran wrap to see how it turns out.   If, my hair responds better to being in direct contact with the moisture then I may invest in a set of plain  DIY sheet masks and saturate them with my own hair-loving blend.  The possibilities are endless.  Even if we never get the chance to experience these intriguing hair packs, at least we'll always have the baggie method.

Check out more details on the Korean Hair Pack here.


  1. This is such a genius idea, its like the baggy method on steroids. I can t wait to see your hair diy mask.

  2. I might have to pick up a few of these from ebay. Amazon has them, but not at as good a price.

  3. I've been meaning to re-introduce the baggying method to my regime. I used to do it all the time as relaxed head but slacked off once I went natural. I need to get back to it, thanks for the reminder.

  4. This sounds like a good idea. I had to cut of a significant amount of my hair last year because of dried ends during the winter months and breakage due to wool coats, scarves and hats. I definitely want to guard against that this year.

  5. Very interesting article. You make me want to try the bagging method now. Maybe it will be good for my bleached ends!



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