Beauty Bag Essential | Hydrating Mists for Dewy Winter Skin

Just recently, I was gloating over the change of season and how we get to enjoy lower humidity.  I was fantasizing about how good the slightly drier air would be for keeping frizz away. But I hadn't considered the consequences of lower humidity to the skin.

Things have taken a turn for the worst in just few short weeks. Suddenly, I'm dealing with flaky skin in the mornings, dry hands and feet and an overall uncomfortable feeling of drier skin.  Me no likey.

The first course of action was to get a hold of those tiny glass spray bottles and refill them with thee amazing Missha Essense.  Seconds later, my skin was rehydrated again.  It was at this point that I decided that I will always have a hydrating mist within arms reach until spring rolls around again.

I'm gonna turn into one of those moisture obsessed people who constantly remists their skin, drinks water and reapplies balm throughout the day.  Each morning, during spring and summer, I step outside and see the grass covered in morning dew.  Fall and winter is a different story.  There's no dew, there's less rain, leaves wither, grass turns brown. Everything dies.  Our skin is exposed to the same dry air that kills the grass.  This is the worst thing that could ever happen.

Unless we do something about it, we allow ourselves to succumb to visible signs of external dehydration. I dunno about you, but that's not part of my plan.  Instead, I'll be concocting (and buying) a series of hydrating mists that I'll be applying liberally for the next several months.

Last year, I discovered and fell in love with Evian Facial spray.  It's convenient, easy to use and has great packaging.  Evian is exceptionally great for summer when you need plain water to help cool down.  But, the dry winter air is gonna call for something a bit more.  I don't just want to wet the skin, I'd like to feed it as well.  That's why I'm on the lookout for a couple of other options with skin loving benefits that go beyond moisture.
A lot of commercial facial sprays have rose water as an ingredient.  Kim Kardashian shared an instagram beauty secret in which she displayed her favorite facial mist.  The key ingredients are water, glycerin, rosewater and aloe vera juice.  Lots of us may already have these ingredients in our product stash.  If not, a quick trip to Amazon can easily take care that.   Green Tea is another great addition to facial mists because of the antioxidant content.

There's yet another ingredient in some higher priced facial sprays that caught my attention.  I'll tell you more about it in a follow up post, but first, I want to try it out and share my thoughts.  Stay tuned.

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