Weekend Wind Down | Infusing Moments of Enjoyment Into Your Week

Let's say that you and I met at a nearby cafe for quick lunch.  As we enjoy our meals, I inquire about your week and I ask to you about the things you did to infuse enjoyment into your life.  Basically, I'm dying to hear about the experiences, of this past week, to make you feel good.

Why do I care?  Because I strongly believe that incorporating moments of enjoyment transforms how you feel.  Feeling good, in my opinion, is a crucial ingredient to living a powerfully engaged life. For the most part, feeling good is not a default method of operation.  Much of the time, we're focusing on what isn't going well or what's missing from our lives.  That type of thinking makes us feel bad/stressed/unhappy.  It may not be an overarching feeling, but it's running in the background.  And it's affecting our lives.

This is exactly why we need to take proactive measures to incorporate small acts of enjoyment into our lives.  It doesn't have to be a weekend getaway to an exotic island (although it could be), just something that makes you smile on the inside.  This week I had the pleasure of experiencing multiple enjoyment moments.  It started with a relaxing massage before taking a dip in the sensory deprivation tank.  If that wasn't enough, I also took my car in for a complimentary detail followed by a much needed pedicure.  I have to admit, this week was pretty loaded with enjoyment experiences.  And it felt great!  And I'm determined to continue the process throughout the upcoming week.

Maybe I won't saturate the week with back to back spa treatments. But I can make it just as enjoyable.  For instance, I can start each morning with my new favorite morning beverage (matcha smoothies). Every time it touches my lips, I shiver with enjoyment.  These last several weeks I've learned how good dressing up makes me feel.  Although it takes a bit more effort, I'm rewarded with feeling amazing for the entire day.   It's sensational.

Last month, I was very diligent in incorporating feel good moments into my regular routine.  The results of doing so have paid off in a big way.  Confidence is up.  I feel like I'm on cloud 9, and best of all, I've seen great results in my current goals.  Guys, this feel good regimen actually produces tangible results.  It's not just a fluffy, new age, way of thinking.  This process will manifest new results in your life.

It's Sunday.  A day to spend time with family. And a day to plan for the week ahead.  Today, I invite you to look at your normal daily routine and make it a priority to do whatever necessary to "fuel your feel good."  When you're in that state of mind, your actions are different and the results will absolutely amaze you.

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