The Regimen this Beauty Editor follows to create her flawless complexion.

I always wished I could meet someone with a  really complex skin care regimen.  We can learn a lot from these people who are willing to invest quality time into sourcing the most amazing products available.  Steve Jan is one of those people.  And we learned a lot about the Korean layering technique from him.  Today, I'll share with you what I learned from reading the beauty regimen of a professional beauty editor.  These women have access to thousands of products, free of charge.  When they finally divulge their holy grail products, I'm all ears.  

Ahsley Weatherford is known as the "Mother of Light" by those who've had the pleasure of laying eyes on her perfect skin up close.  Light reflection is the epitome of healthy skin and she seems to have reached that status.  It didn't come easy, in fact Ashley details how she once maintained a 45 minute daily skin care regimen to support her flawlessness.  
Miraculously, she's been able to pare down her elaborate skin perfecting regimen to only 10 minutes.  In order to get the same results, she focuses on amazing products to pick up some the slack.  First and foremost, she cleanses with Phace's Detoxifying Cleanser.  We recently discussed this cleanser in another post.  Here we are hearing about it again.  Something tells me that this isn't a coincidence.  I was kinda on the fence abut whether Phace would be my next cleanser purchase, but now I'm in!  Ashely talks about how this cleanser can promote hydrated skin and fewer blemishes/wrinkles because of the proper pH.  I'm of the mindset that all products should serve multiple purposes.  A cleanser that does more than just cleanse is a-ok in my book.

After cleansing, her serum of choice is Good Genes which is filled with pharmaceutical grade lactic acid to nourish her glow.  Post serum she applies Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel which was developed by a brain surgeon and a space scientist (no joke).  It's supposed to have an immediate lifting effect to the eye area.  Sounds like some serious stuff.  Afterwards Ashley layers on her favorite sunscreen mixed with a Kardashian favorite, Kevin Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer which is a concealer, highlighter, foundation all in one (while hydrating the skin with ingredients like jojoba and honey).  She has such amazing things to say about the Sensual Skin Enhancer.  In her words it "provided a perfect balance of coverage, leaving a no makeup effect." The finish left on the skin is "dewy" and "moisture rich."  Sounds like a must have for winter.
photos via Ashley's Instagram
And that's just the morning routine. Her evening line up is filled with moisture enhancing products, retinols to promote skin regeneration and maybe a sheet mask if her skin is thirsting for hydration.

Ashley's regimen has reminded us of how important it is to use quality products.  If your goal is to have skin that causes others to notice, effective products are your key to get there.  I was already committed to picking up the Phace cleanser, but the Sensual Skin Enhancer seems too good not experience.

If you'd like to read Ashley's skin regimen in it's entirety, you can check it out here.


  1. I love this post. Her skin really glows, which reminds me I really need to get a nice serum.

  2. Thanks for this, I think the "black don't crack" slogan has some people believing all you need is coconut oil or vaseline and your skin can look like hers. SOME people are born with amazing skin and some people have good skin that they have to work with to make amazing. I'm 37 and I have zero wrinkles, and very few fine lines, but my skin can be better, smoother and can definitely use some of that glow. I also like that she uses some affordable products in her regimen (hello Pixie Water at Target), and not just $400 jars of caviar cream.


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