Three Ways to shift from Desiring to Manifesting

It's Monday once again. I hope you have a highly successful week planned. Today's conversation is one that I've been reflecting on for the past couple of weeks.  There's something I'd like to manifest that is probably the "biggest" outcome I've ever desired.  But, although it might not seem like it, I have a tendency to drag out the manifesting process to much longer than it has to be.

In order to shorten the timeline of this "big" intention, I'm identifying all of the rules of manifestation and quickly put them into action.  Harnessing a success formula that's worked well in the past is the fastest way to create the future.  As you read this entry, I want you to also reflect on what worked for you.  This way you can identify a systematic approach to manifesting. All of us have manifested in the past.  So let's approach this like we are preparing a meal.  Grab the ingredients, carry out the steps, plate the meal, and enjoy.

From my reflection, I clarified the difference between desiring an outcome and engaging in the manifesting process.  There's a real difference.  Simply saying that you want something doesn't mean that you are actively participating in the manifestation process.  Or, at the very least, you are participating at the lowest level.  It's like the difference between sitting in the nosebleed seats at a Beyonce concert versus being in the front row.  Sure, you're at the concert, but are you getting the full experience?

To truly manifest (and to do so quickly) we need to move past stage 1 (desiring) and venture into the creation process.  Desiring is when your thought process is like "wouldn't it be nice...."  Creation is when you say to yourself "I need this to be my reality."  Sometimes, we stay in the desiring phase way too long. I did this with my dream car.  I thought of it as a dream car, and my actions reflected my thinking.  Meaning, I talked about it like it was a fantasy and treated it like something that was outside of my reach.  And....that is why it took so many years to happen.  Then, one day, after I ogling at someone driving my dream car,  I snapped out of it and said to myself "when are you gonna stop being the person that stares at the Audis and become one of those people who drives one?

That was the turning point for me.  Those people stared at on the highways wanted an Audi just as bad as I did, but they were actually driving one.  From that moment I realized the separation between myself and them.  They engaged in the creation process, while I remained in a perpetual state of desire.  Immediately, I decided to start manifesting and the rest was history.

Now, I have a much bigger intention in mind.  I'll be honest with you and say that I'm currently operating in the realm of desire.  Why?  Because I view it a such a big goal.  Whenever we see the goal as slightly out of reach, we tend to gravitate back to the comfort zone.  Desiring is much easier than manifesting.  When I'm desiring, all I gotta do is look at pictures and daydream. No other action is required of me. But, if I'm not careful, I might find myself still wishing for this outcome 5-10 years from now.

I don't have that much time to waste.  The game plan is to incorporate past strategies to make this thing happen in the shortest time possible.  Here's what I got so far:

1.  Stop Operating in my head.   Fantasies reside in our minds. We should think about it and visualize, but if that's where it ends, then we are still in the "desire zone."  I've got to take real actions to kick start the manifesting process.  A real action is one that can be validated by another person.   No one can validate whether I pictured myself living the life I want.  Oh, words aren't validation either.  You can say you're gonna do something and take zero action to do it. So don't let flimsy words  fool you.

2.  Prepare for it.  If you truly expect something to happen, would the first thing you do is get prepared for it?  Unless you build the ark, you have no belief in what is to come.  A friend of mine has been discussing her intentions with me about leaving her workplace for months.  There was lots of conversation, but then....she started preparing.   Here lease was up for renewal instead of renewing as usual, decluttered heavily and packed her items as if she were ready for whatever awaited her.  Within one week, she randomly received a call that could bring about the manifestation of so many intentions.  When I got the call with the good news, I wasn't surprised. Why, because her actions were in line with someone who was getting ready for something big.  I even told her, "you are seriously creating the environment for manifestation to take place." Days later....the phone call.

3.  Get your mind right.  In the past, whenever I wanted to manifest something I felt was out of reach, I worked on my mindset and believability.  Basically, what I tried to do was takeaway the anxiety associated with the new outcome by immersing myself in the environment.  For example, I watched a video posted on Youtube on how a woman manifested the home of her dreams.  What she decided to do was visit luxury homes and apartments in her city and do walk thrus.  I'm sure the first couple of times she entered those homes, she was probably freaking out a little inside.  Why? Because it's a new environment.  I believe that "freak out" creates a separation between you and what you want.  What I like to do is remove that anxiety by immersing myself in the new environment.

Years ago, I felt that "freak out" whenever I walked into a luxury store.  To me, this signified my feeling of disconnect with abundance and wealth.  So I proactively made sure I got over that real quick.  Once that feeling was gone, I was able to elevate my abundance mindset.  If there's something you're trying to manifest, check to see if your feelings are connected with the outcome you wish to experience or if they are feelings of anxiety or separation.

Once you raise your level of belief, start preparing and move the manifestation process out of your head, then you are no longer in the land of desire.  You are fully engaged in the manifestation process.  From there, things will shift for your in ways that you wouldn't have imagined.


  1. I really needed this post.. Thank you! Time to stop dreaming and start moving towards making the 'dream' a reality !

  2. I love this post! I think that prayer also helps as well. Your blog has inspired me so much to go after my dreams of cultivating the life I have thought was unattainable. I know that it is attainable and I am going for it!

  3. I really love your blog post! It's a nice mix of advice on nearly everything that we as women experience. This post is powerful!


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