Motivation Monday \\ Where Do You See Yourself 24 Hours From Now?

According to the Strengthfinder, one of my strengths is having a future-based mindset.  I'm forever imagining and fantasizing different versions of my future.  This is a cool skillset to have. But it does have its drawbacks.  Sometimes, looking too far ahead could hamper the actual creation process. The future seems so far away and we convince ourselves that we have ample time to create it, so we become lax in our level of activity.

Another strength of mine is coaching others.  This is because I believe in asking powerful questions. These types of questions cause a shift in our current pattern of thinking.  And, in doing so, they have the ability to create powerful outcomes.

Starting today, I'm going to start asking myself a truly powerful question that will impact my future starting now.
When we think about our future, we tend to look ahead 3-6 months or even 1-5 years down the line.  But how many of us are looking in the very near future.  I'm talking about 24 hours from now.

Yes. Where do you see yourself 24 hours from now?

Typically, the first reaction to this question is to dismiss it.  That's because, for most of us, the next 24 hours will probably look exactly like the last 24.

This is the reason why our lives don't change.  We keep reliving the same day over and over again.

But, if we were to take some time and fully answer this question (on a daily basis),  you could truly alter the direction of your life.  I love that the question invites us to visualize our day 24 hours from now.  It's giving us the freedom to daydream a little bit about what we can possibly create in a short period of time.  This question takes us a little outside of our comfort zone and I love it!

I was once introduced to the idea of our "default future." It's basically the future we create based on our past and current actions.  Since our actions tend to repeat on a daily basis (habits), our future will pretty much look like our current reality.  I was on a website that looks at current social media stats and predicts future results based on past growth. Let me tell you...looking at the future prediction is a sobering process.  Seeing how long it will take to get to my goal based on what I'm doing now is a real eye-opener.  My default future isn't pretty. Chances are,  the path of most of my goals look very similar.  They too will be delayed unless I do something to alter the course of the future.

It's time to do something that causes our lives to move in a different direction

 The direction of our lives is created 24 hours at a time (it's actually created hour by hour, but we'll discuss in a future article). If we take this question about the next 24 hours seriously, we won't squander the precious hours of today.

Best of all, we'll be rewarded with the fruit of our labor in a very short period of time.

I leave you with this video as a bit of motivation of what you can accomplish with the valuable 24 hours that you are given.  Pay close attention to what he says at the end of the video about being able to tell you where your life will be, years from now, based on what you do with your 24 hours.

This is a perfect reference to the idea of the "the default the future" that is currently in place.


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