Simone Reveals her Slim Waist Secrets + The Workout that Tones Abs in only 3 days?

Once upon a time, I was a "naturally slim" gal.  For the most part, it took little effort to keep my girlish figure. Then, things changed.  It probably was a combination of less activity (working from home) and poor eating choices (constant access to a stocked fridge).  Either way, I slowly put on an extra 10-15 lbs that seemingly came out of no where.

At my height/frame, 10+ lbs makes all the difference in the world.  After experimenting with multiple ways to shed the weight, I came to the conclusion that it's critically important to incorporate a few powerful and easy to maintain habits that really work.  It's always nice to learn from others who've discovered their keys to keeping a healthy weight.  Recently, Simone shared her go-to tips via Instastory.  I quickly captured them to see what we can learn from her healthy lifestyle.
Before we begin, I want to address the obvious. Simone has a very slim frame.  One might look at her and dismiss her advice because Simone looks like one those girls who don't have to put a millisecond of thought into maintaining her figure.  If that were true, then would she even have any tips to share?

If she doesn't have to do anything to keep her tummy toned, then why do ab workout videos? There would be no need.

I used to hold this belief that some people did nothing to experience the benefits they enjoyed. For instance, I classified Kelly Rowland as a naturally slim person born with a set of toned abs.  Then I learned that the woman did hundreds of sit ups before bed.  My mind was blown.  From that day forward, I realized that I need to learn from those who exhibited the qualities that I wanted, and not assume that they did nothing to create their results.

Ok, enough rambling.  Here's a recap of what Simone shared as her keys to staying slim.
First let's discuss her disclosure about how much liquid she consumes.  Water, green tea and coffee are her beverages of choice.  According to her, staying hydrated helps suppress her appetite.  Sound familiar?  Ever since I learned that the underlying reason for hunger could be thirst, I've started reaching for my water bottle before defaulting to a snack.  So far so good.

We've already discussed, at length, how green tea can be a great appetite suppressant. Not only does it help you ward off cravings, it's loaded with antioxidants. 

The other day I watched a video where a girl addressed a question that she was constantly receiving from her followers.  They noticed that she ate quite a lot according to her Snapchat stories, yet she stayed slim.  One explanation for how she was able to maintain her weight was because she consumed around 8 cups of green tea daily.  Green tea is one of those miracle drinks that you gotta get familiar with.  Not only does it help curb appetite but when paired with exercise, it helps you burn more calories at rest.  It's an ally in our war against unwanted weight.

Simone goes on to reiterate a lesson that I just recently shared about eating our last meal earlier in the day.  Devouring a heavy meal then going to bed is a recipe for disaster.  Not only are we robbed of valuable human growth hormone (HGH), our sleep isn't as sound. By the way, HGH is responsible for helping keep us lean and toned. Eating late meals is like you're begging to put on weight.

Finally, Simone reveals a couple of gems.  Her favorite workout videos.

Whenever I see a workout video on YT, I immediately scan the comments for testimonials.  This slim waist video has over 2 millions views so there were several testimonials available.  Many of the reviewers said they noticed a difference in around 3 days.  That's super exciting.  I like the fact that focus of the workout is to slim the waist, not just to build bulky abs.

The second video is also from Vicky. Again, the comments are very promising.

Reece Faul

Started a week ago unbelievable the difference I do it once in the morning and once in the evening 4-5 times a week, gunna keep on doing it until I have skinny waist!


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i've been doing this for 3 days , my waist is so small .... 3 days ! how ?


Who's ready to give these workouts a try?


  1. Always inspire me to be better! Will try all these tips!

  2. That woman has perfect breasts, and im a bit envious!


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