This is What Celebrities Do To Stay Glowing. And You Should Too!

Skin Care
The holiday season is here. Besides the shopping rush, there's something else we have to worry about.  It's a stressful time of year because of all the events and get-togethers that'll fill our schedule.  We're indulging in sweets which means that we're slowly putting on the pounds.  Throughout all of this, we tend to forget about our skin.

Our skin is important now even more than ever because we'll be socializing more than normal. Before attending your holiday gatherings, I encourage you to try a super easy beauty tip practiced by countless celebrities.
The very first time I did this was just before an informal high-school reunion.  My intention was to look young, fresh, and well-rested.  I was able to accomplish this in just one step.

The same principle applies to our holiday gatherings.  Whether it's an office party or Thanksgiving dinner, people will be paying more attention to how you look (especially if they haven't seen you in a while).  Why not present the best version of yourself?

The tip that I'm about to share with you will give your skin that extra wow factor that doesn't just happen randomly. It's especially important this time of year when the air is brisk and dry. I'll share a quick story.  I was online and stumbled on a picture of internet sensation India Love having lunch with Karrueche Tran.  At 21 years of age, India is nearly a decade younger than Karrueche yet most people in the comments pointed out that it appeared to be reversed.

My conclusion for why Karrueche looked younger than her gal pal was due to the difference in the appearance of their skin.  Both had clear, healthy looking skin, but Karrueche's seemed to have a natural glow that reflected light.   They both just finished a workout session so I'm sure that helped.  But I'm also aware that Karrueche is diligent about making sure to go the extra mile for her skin via sauna sessions, masking frequently, and indulging in health tonics.

I'm sure her consistent habits worked together to promote her all over glow.  But what if you've been neglecting yourself lately but you want to quickly create the look of well-cared for skin?

Just do what celebrity makeup artists do......

Treat the skin to a nourishing sheet mask prior to makeup application.  Celebrity makeup artist, Maro Dedivanovic regularly snaps pics of sheet masks that he's included in his pro kit.  Not long ago, Katy Perry participated in an experiment where her life was streamed on live stream 24 hours a day.  When her makeup artist prepped her for a tv appearance, the process always included a sheet mask.

Take a look at the feed and stories of celebrities & pseudo-celebrities prior to award shows, etc.  Chances are that you'll come across several candid sheet masks pics. If you've ever treated yourself to a sheet mask before, you know that it has the power to instantly hydrate.  Not only does it deeply infuse moisture into parched skin, masks also leave your skin glowing.   If you exfoliate it beforehand, you'll only enhance the results.

So before heading to any event this holiday season, be sure to treat yourself to a relaxing sheet mask session (prior to makeup) and glow like you've never glowed before.

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