The Massage Technique That Sculpts Your Body In One Session. (All the Celebrities Are Obsessed)

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The other day I just happened to catch an IG story featuring Justine Skye. There she was, laying on a massage bed enjoying a luxurious facial.  That's not too uncommon. It seems that every celebrity has a facialist they gush over.  But Justine was so complimentary about her treatment that I felt compelled to visit her esthetician's page.

It didn't take long to figure out what made this facial so special.  Justine wasn't experiencing any run of the mill skin treatment, she's was enjoying a lymphatic facial and massage from expert Flavia Lanini.  I've never heard of this woman before but it seems like a bunch of Hollywood it girls are huge fans.

So I ask myself, "why is everyone obsessed with Flavia's massages?" The answer to my question might be found in some of the striking before and after pictures on Flavia's feed.  It seems like Flavia has the ability to sculpt the bodies of these models and actresses in one session.  In some of the comparison photos, these ladies appear to look several pounds lighter after a single massage.

How is that even possible?
A few years ago I treated myself to weekly massages as part of my self-care routine.  One thing I learned after that experience is that regular massages offer benefits that go beyond stress reduction.  I'm thinking about starting this massage routine again but this time I wanted to kick it up a notch with lymphatic massages.

Apparently, Flavia is a master at delivering a powerful lymphatic massage.  If you check out her IG feed, you'll see that's it's littered with models and celebrities.  Justine's post served as the reminder I needed to finally seek out a lymphatic specialist nearby.  Minutes later, I located an office with a perfect 5 star rating just minutes away.  The place had nearly 60 reviews and all of them were favorable.  After reading a bunch of customer experiences, it became clear that most of these women were getting lymphatic massages as a part of their post-op healing regimen.  Many of them had BBL surgery or lipo and relied on massage to help facilitate the healing process.

That's great!  But what about me?  What if I wasn't suffering from inflammation or didn't need any post-op care?  Is lymphatic drainage beneficial or would it be overkill? Does a lymphatic massage actually make you slimmer?

Here's the scoop.

Poor lymphatic drainage can manifest as a multitude of symptoms.  Acne, a weak immune system, slow digestion, excess weight, brain fog, stiff muscles, and bloating are some of the ailments associated with sluggish lymph.  Our body contains 600 lymph nodes. Their primary role is to help the body to eliminate toxins and cellular waste.  We can't talk about detoxing without including the lymphatic system in the conversation.  Unlike our circulatory system, our lymphatic system needs our help to function. When we get up and move, we activate our lymph. The best type of movement to stimulate the lymph are up and down movements like bouncing on a rebounder.

If we don't do a good job of helping our lymph to eliminate toxins, much of it ends up being stored in our fat cells causing us to hold on to more weight than necessary.  If you're dealing with cellulite, chances are there's some sluggishness with your lymph drainage.

Unlike your typical massage, lymphatic drainage massage is sometimes done without any oils or creams.  For best results, you want to really hydrate your body by drinking a liter or more of water both pre and post massage.  Cleansing the lymphatic systems acts as a diuretic to help you lose loads of water weight almost instantly.  In one article I found online, the woman claimed to lose an impressive 3lbs of water weight and waste after her first professional lymphatic treatment with Flavia.  That's pretty impressive.

I tend to gain most of my weight from the waist down.  Because of my short stature, a few pounds of weight gain makes a big difference.  One thing I noticed lately is that my legs aren't as toned as I'd like.  Now that I'm back in the gym I hope to see some of the muscle tone return. But I also plan to get a little help from lymphatic massage.  The older I get, the harder it becomes to maintain muscle.  That's why I plan on incorporating regular lymphatic treatments as part of my eternal youth routine.  Lymphatic treatments after surgery is a must for proper healing.  But, when done on a healthy individual, it can provide some powerful beauty benefits.

Let's talk about the face.  Years ago, I would always wake up with a puffy face.  While looking for solutions to this issue, I stumbled on facial massage.  By following certain movements, I was able to eliminate eye bags, lift cheeks, and sculpt my face.   For years, I've wanted to experience a true lymphatic facial at the hands of a professional.  Whenever I received massages, I always asked the masseuse to work on my face.  Most of the time, they'd spent a few moments on my face out of obligation. 

Now, I have an opportunity to visit a place the specializes in lymphatic drainage. The best part is that they also offer facial massages which I know will be done right.   I completely understand why all the models, actresses and singers are flocking to Flavini for lymphatic treatments. It's non-invasive, really healthy for you, and can produce similar results as medical grade services but with no downtime.

Is there anything better than that?

p.s.  There are a bunch of videos on Youtube if you want to give yourself a lymphatic massage at home.

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