Your Skin Isn't Protected from the Sun Unless You're Doing This.

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One of the best beauty decisions I’ve ever made consistently wearing sunscreen. I remember visiting Sephora, years ago, and having my skin observed under special lights meant to reveal sun damage not visible to the naked eye.  Luckily, the only damage they could see were in areas where I lacked attention to detail in my SPF application (like around my hairline and the corners of my nose).

 I don't spend much time outdoors so lazily applying sunscreen once a day was the norm.  But this summer, I plan on being outside a lot more so I need to rethink the idea that applying sunscreen once a day is gonna cut it.  

A while back, I wrote an article about how the effectiveness of water-based moisturizers diminishes with each hour after application.  This makes sense because that’s what water does…it evaporates.  But I didn’t connect that to the possibility of my sunscreen losing its effectiveness quickly throughout the day.  Let’s say you are abiding by the rules of proper skincare by applying sunscreen before heading off to work.  Sure, your skin is protected at the start of the day but what about when you leave the office at lunchtime, or on that long drive home in grueling traffic?  

If you go out for cocktails after work this summer, the sun might still be out yet the SPF protection from the product you applied hours ago will be long gone.  

The solution?  You have to master the art of sunscreen reapplication.  Take a look at this video that gives a clear illustration of how SPF protection fades over time.
@andymillward_facialist Following my first #sunscreen video I got a tonne of requests to test other brands. #larocheposay #anthelios SPF50 was by far the most requested. So here I am testing it using my #uvcamera ♬ original sound - andymillward_facialist

This guy was really heavy-handed with his sunscreen application (2 layers using a quarter teaspoon per layer) yet most of the protection (SPF 50) was pretty much gone 6 hours later..and he wasn't even in direct sunlight.  I don't know about you, but watching the guy's video made me a believer in: 

 1.) Applying more sunscreen than I do now.  Layering is key.

2.) Reapplying later in the day, no matter what. 

Now that you're fully convinced of the need to reapply SPF during the day, let's discuss exactly how to do it.  

Spray on the Sun Protection

My sunscreen collection is pretty diverse.  But, there’s one type of sunscreen product I need to get my hands on….the sun protecting spray.  There are a lot of spray-on sunscreen options on the market.  But many of them were not formulated to go on the face.  They’re meant to cover large areas of the body like legs, arms, and back.  So please don’t grab any ol’ spray bottle of sunscreen and cover your face with it.  Instead, I urge you to check out brands like the ones below. 

Reapplication Method with Makeup Sponge
An alternative to sunscreen sprays is to reapply your current fave using a making sponge.  This is a great technique if you want to protect your skin but don’t want to disturb your makeup. Using a sponge, you can gently pat the sunscreen into your skin leaving your makeup perfectly intact.  I’ve seen this process in action and the finished product looks so natural.  You have to try this.
@slaybyjess @kevikodra taught me this &lt3 #skincare #sunscreen #makeuphacks #makeup ♬ original sound - 😘🙈☺️
Rarely did my makeup last through an entire workday.  So if I were going out after work, I’d have to do some type of makeup reapplication.  Knowing what I know now, I’d probably use makeup that includes the added benefit of sun protection.  For instance, I love Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder.  It leaves a beautiful, all-natural finish plus its's SPF 25.  While it's not a high level of sun protection, it's better than nothing.

 What I like about SPF powders is they also help absorb excess oils our skin produces throughout the day.

There’s also the option of applying a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.  Check to see if your favorite brand offers a foundation option with sunscreen.  Imagine my surprise when I learned Giorgio Armani, makers of the best foundation ever created, offers a version of their world-renown foundation with SPF.  
When it comes to sunscreen reapplication, you’ve got options.  Try the “dab with makeup sponge” option to see if you like it. If not, go for an SPF spray or try touching up your face using makeup infused with a little added sunscreen.

Congrats! You’ve just completed the masterclass on how to truly protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays.   Now, go and conquer the world with what you've learned.

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  1. Thank you so much ! Living in Texas, I never forget sunscreen!


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